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So let me go ahead and bring my screen up and we got this special research for hoopa here in pokemon. Go to complete lets. Go ahead and talk to the professor below hello uh, he doesnt want to talk to us anymore. Man lets go ahead and tap on him yeah. Good morning, professor villa my god. It was a long conversation all right goodbye, all right, so weve got three tasks to do, and weve got three stages to do so. Weve got to take a snapshot of pupa and ive already caught 18 of the 20 pokemon that we need to catch, got ta spin, pokestop three times also or gym, and we can change the form for hoopa. So i think we have to complete the entire special research for us to change it, because, right now we cant change the hopa form yet which, as mentioned by pokemon, go they. We need 50 candies and 10 000 startups to do that. All right so um lets go ahead and uh complete the task. First, we got a mudkip that just spawned im going to catch that marquee, because i want the candy xl for that ive been catching a lot of mudkips and right now it is double transfer for candies, as the event has just started as lets go ahead and Take a look at the mischief unbound event, three days and nine hours. We can. We get two times: cash, xp and two times a transfer candy.

So, im going to transfer my a bunch of pokemon, first and yeah, the audio is screwed up im not going to transfer those that i wish to keep to get a guaranteed candy xl. When i trade, i know its double candies, but not the xl candy. Imagine if its double chance for candy xl ill be way happier for this event. Man all right were going to catch the dental cool, hopefully, alright, i did were going to take a snapshot of uh huppah right now, its been the three uh pokestops around us or so so lets go ahead and do that i actually turn off my ball plus To not spin any of the pokestops, because i will be hitting stop cap if i were to do that as im. Very close to were going to take a snapshot of hoopa right now forgot to do that, just im, so sorry and uh yep. So the thing about getting huppa unbound, i do not know um. How is the cp going to be like after we get the hope, because i still want to use this in the great lake, but im not sure man like how? How am i going to like utilize it since we only have one hopa? I actually still would like to use it in the great lake, but i might change my mind and want to power it up to you know to master league standards. Um ill have to see how all right – and there will be another separate video, so stay tuned for that as uh ill, be using hopa in the gold battle league.

So lets go ahead and claim the reward by the way. If you guys are wondering where i got this shirt from this t shirt its from uniqlo its a new series that has been released, all right lets go ahead and talk to uh professor willow by the way im not sponsored by uh anyone or even uniqlo. For that matter, i always wear their t shirts. I love their t shirts. All right so lets go ahead and check out the stage two were gon na make seven curved throws in a row: okay sure, use 20 berries to help catch pokemon, occasionally complete 10 few research tasks, uh, okay, sure, thats, pretty difficult, so um ill. Do all those lets just go ahead and double check hoopa all right. We got ta complete all those tasks and uh make sure that we dont. I mean we kind of change the form yet because i do not want to be a dummy and like complete all the tasks and realize that we can actually just change the form of hoop immediately so looks like we cant so looks like were going to start Grinding im going to turn off my ball plus entirely so that i can hand catch and like work on all those tasks. All right, i can basically just turn off the bow. Blast, start walking, start catching and then ill update. You guys once im done with all the tasks. Okay, weve got squirtle with the sunglasses thats, the only pokemon that ill show you guys right now were gon na catch it with the pineapple berry and also do a curve throw it.

Doesnt have to be nice great or excellent or whatever, and then i will let you know once im done yay all right guys. Im left with another lets see 0.1 kilometers to clock with my ghirardina to complete that task over here this one at the very bottom, because im left with uh three more few research tasks to complete. If i claim those two im still gon na have to complete one more so come on, walk faster brandon to complete that 0.1 hurry up. Well guys my eggs are hatching now so lets see what i get all right. We got a tringling from the five kilometer egg and the giratina has gotten us the candy nice, so lets go ahead and claim. The rewards now were gon na claim these two first before claiming the well encounter, and we got a barnaby not really that exciting uh. For a two kilometer walk with your body, i mean if youre walking like something like a legendary its gon na be 40 man. Thats crazy yeah. So anyway, lets go ahead and see that oh, wait, theres a mask up in the wall lets hand catch that first. I want the market, i want the market yeah so anyway, i was using ar fast catch to catch the pokemon just now to speed things up all right to feed the battery and whatsoever. All right lets go ahead and claim all those now. Okay lets wait for the sound to change.

Man come on okay good. Now we can claim the reward lets go ahead and claim that if we start these and so some stardust and xp, we can claim the final reward. So one incense one super incubator and three silver pineapple berries. Okay, i can hear professor willow calling for us all right, hi professor below did professor willows hair get a little whiter. Is it me? Oh, my maybe my hair is also turning quite soon guys. Anyway. Lets go ahead and see stage: three you got: ta earn seven hearts with your buddy. Okay, catch 20, different species of pokemon, okay, looks like ill be grinding and catching a lot of pokemon and win three raids, though okay, so win three raids ill be going around to do some breaks, i suppose so um and then ill update. You guys later once im done. Weve got some procedure over there. Uh lets see if theres anybody in this lobby, because he kind of just hatched like two minutes and 20 seconds ago, uh im too late, its okay, no worries ill. Invite my friends for those rates and complete all those tasks, also yay, all right guys. I am done. I am done with the three rates i did. Three crocella rates so lets go ahead to claim the reward now lets see if we get ourselves a shiny crocella. Now one second, three, three three hundo: this is one six, zero eight, so lets go ahead and catch it all right guys we caught the croc im done.

Hopefully we got a task that we need to catch 50. Pokemon though thats for two rare candies all right. My candy xr is enough also to power one up to level 50., but im not doing it in this video doing another separate video yup catch 50 pokemon for that, and we can finally claim the reversal. We wait for the music to come back. Come on music. Come back all right, thank you very much and we can claim that we got three uh great passes. Also, though thats nice, and we can finally claim the ten thousand stars with hoopa candies. I suppose 50 hooper candy football t shirt im not going to use the star piece yup because im not going to grind a continued grind after this okay, okay, weve got a whopper t shirt, so are we done? Can we get hoopa now, mischief im bound done. Come on lets go here to check out hoopa. Now no, we cant get hoopa unbound. Then how? How do we get unbound? I thought we can give hope what what i thought we could do that hang on. Let me suppose yeah, maybe i have the phosphorus all right, guys lets close the app. Let me connect my ball plus okay and then lets go ahead and check out hoopa, oh finally, all right so thats what we have been waiting for. So we have the first class df after we complete the special research in order to change the form for hopa.

I thought that was some glitch or whatsoever. So here we go man i mean uh. Hoopa is here im gon na change, the name for hopper to just hop by itself. Yeah normally on it was rate equals my um buddy pokemon. So in order to change form, we got to use ten thousand stardust and also uh 50 candies. So, with the 350 candies that we obtained after getting this special research completed, you can actually do that. So lets go ahead and do that right now. So the cp of my current hopa is at 1 4. 7. 2. I believe, if i were to change form right now, all right lets select that lets change the form. Are you sure you want to change the form to the hookbar, to confine you know? Unbound? Yes, just change, and i see now thats a cp change. Oh, my god, look at that what 1756., what this does not make sense at all the sound does not match the pokemon. I know this is the sound for the confined form. Is the unbound form sound the same okay? How do i see the unbound form now? I mean its not appearing here, hang on. Let me first cross the f again its so weird its so weird to hear that sound that cry coming up from the hopper unbound form like what okay we are back again. Let me reconnect my poplars again. Okay for the second time and lets go ahead and search for hoopa, okay, hope i should step on it.

What no! No! No! No! No! This is utterly weird like it is. Is it supposed to sound like this? This is not how hopa is supposed to sound like not like not like that you know, but you guys guys can see how cool the animation is. So the ring actually comes out and like shoots out like that, its so cool, but what i im utterly confused. So, in order to change the form back, then we have to spend 2 000 stardust and 10 candies to bring it back after typing right. No, this is not right: yeah, okay, okay, so weird its really really okay, yeah anyway, the typing for the hoopa uh confined form is actually a psychic and goals, whereas the unbound form is a psychic and dark. So thats the interesting thing about it and its a really strong pokemon, i must say, lets see how much it actually goes to if we max it up 4483 is insane yeah, but im still very puzzled by the sound man like. Is this the sound of the whole pupa unbound formula its not how its supposed to be like right yeah? So i think that is all that. I have to show to you guys in this video man, because im really confused by that we got a rocket uh. Grunt over there im gon na fight that yeah. So if you guys enjoyed this, video, definitely leave a like on the video man and, let me know in the comment section down below what do you guys think about the hoopa unbound form? I definitely appreciate it as a really really awesome, mythical pokemon, i would dare say better than a lot of the past mythical pokemon, but to hear the cry like that it seems really weird yeah thats.

All i would say because ive watched the movie. You know pokemon movie, hoopa and the clash of ages and hopa unbound form does not sound like that. Definitely all right so with thats it id like to. Thank you guys for watching and ill see you guys in the next episode in the next video.

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