Pokémon GO, Hoopa, Niantic, Pokémon W TO GET HOOPA UNBOUND IN POKEMON GO! New Hoopa *Exclusive* Special Research!

I dont have the change form button. Quite yet. On the hoopla confined because i do believe we do have to complete the research first to unlock the change form option here on hoopla can find so guys. First page of the research do remember: if you guys want this research, if you wanted to get it for free, you had to complete the first hoopa research where we caught the hoopa confined form, which was about 16 pages long. If you guys did complete that research, you will be getting this research right here. Three page research, mischief unbound! You will get that for free on friday at 10 a.m. Local time, itll just pop up as soon as you open up your game on friday at 10 a.m, local time. Otherwise, if you guys did not complete that research, you will to go into the shop and buy the five dollar ticket to have access to this research. So first page of research guys take a snapshot of hoopa catch 20, pokemon spin, three pokestops or gyms, and we get some decent items as well: incense, a puffin and three golden raspberries. So lets get the first page done with guys, because i do want to unlock hoopa unbound form in this video and also showcase it in like a raid or a gym battle, just to see how it does perform and see how it does look in the game. As well so lets get page one done right now: okay, guys so again, page one was pretty easy, already done with page one quests right there, so were getting a thousand stardust another lucky egg.

3000 xp, like i said, two incense poffin and three golden raspberries guys, and then we are on to page two of the hoopa unbound research. So now guys page two makes seven curveball throws in a row, use 20 berries to help catch pokemon and complete 10 field. Research tasks as well so a little bit more time consuming for page 2, but still relatively easy, so lets get page 2 done right now: okay, guys and just like that, we are done with page two of the unbound special research, so again, 1500 stardust, we get One star piece: two: 3000 xp and an incense super incubator in three silver, pineapple berries as well, so guys we are on to the last page of the research. So lets see what it is. What tasks do we have page? Three guys earn seven hearts with your buddy catch 20 different species of pokemon and win three raids. You get 50 more hoopa, candy, 10 000 dust and the hoopa t shirt as well; okay, guys so currently, im working on the win. Three raids, task and uh guess what i got shiny, cresselia my first shiny crescelia of this rotation. On this account i will most definitely take it. Thank you, hoopa unbound, for the free three raid passes. I will definitely take it. Thank you for an awesome, shiny, legendary, pokemon guys. This is my first raid 2 for that task of win three raids. So i got to do two more so i might get lucky and get two more shiny, crusalia, maybe ill keep you guys updated, but yeah.

Let me do my two raids guys. We should be done with the final page of the hoopa unbound research. Okay, guys so just like that page three is done of the hoopa unbound research so claim the 2000 dust and the 4000 xp and guys we get the 50 candy 10 000 stardust bonus right here, because again, the change forms from confined to unbound does require 50 Hoopa candy and the 10 000 stardust so claimed up guys. We are good to go for the unbound form, change, Music and guys just like that. We do now have the change form option on hoopa confined, so change form. Look at that. So we click on hoopa unbound right there and change the form. Are you sure you want to change from hoopa confines to hubba unbound change form baby and there he is guys hoopa unbound in pokemon. Go that looks so so sick, oh my god. That is actually amazing that is awesome, so im gon na power. This up a little bit here – lets get this to like 25 hundo, maybe 24 84. Well, do this well, do this! This will be fine. For now this will be fine for now. What is my move set currently on human bound, astonish and shadow ball? Uh lets see. I might i might keep the shadow ball. I dont know what the best move set is for the unbound form, but i think i might keep the shadow ball here.

Okay, guys so here here is hoopa in action. Right now, up against a metagross were using confusion and shadow ball on the hoopa unbound form here. Okay lets do shadow ball again. Here too, this looks so sick, guys, hoopa unbound, oh wow. We did a lot of damage to me right there. Hoopa unbound looks so so sick, guys im just going to show you guys what it does. Look like in battle because again, its a brand new, pokemon right and hes in a faint, probably here in like two seconds right, is my guess, because im like two hp right now against the slacking, luckily slacking just has the yawn move set right now. So, okay, i finally did faint, but you guys get the point. Hoopa unbound does look super super sick here in pokemon. Go im a fan. I am definitely a fan guys. Do you remember the attack stat of hoopa unbound is higher than the confined form and the cp is higher as well. I think the attack stat is like 311 on the hoopa unbound and i think the max cp is anywhere from, like i dont even know 4200. The 4400, i think, somewhere along those lines, its a pretty good improvement from the confined form, most definitely guys. So again, this looks super sick, so yeah get that research done guys and get this form change going because again, unbound form is much better than the confined form so yeah, if you guys enjoyed todays video, make sure to drop a like in the video comment below.

If you guys do have hoopa unbound on your account now here in pokemon, go.

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