Pokémon GO, Hoopa, Niantic Unbound form change in Pokemon GO // Costume Pokemon form change please

So this is going to be going down november 26, apparently at 1am, okay, its going to be lasting until the 29th, in which youre going to be able to complete the rest of this. Now, if you werent able to actually complete the entire season of mischief tasks. Well, youre going to be able to purchase that for 4.99 when this does begin here. So two change forms lets see what its going to take here so its going to cost you 50 candies, as well as 10, 000 stardust and then to go back to huba confined the one that we originally did have. It is going to cost you 10 candies and then only 2k stardust, so it will cost you every single time. Its not like a one time thing: im pretty sure that it is going to cost you every single time. You decide to change it, and you know here heres again another one of those cases where uh there probably should be some sort of ib iv balancer to you, increase those ivs somehow someway, because for these one time, pokemon its like youre, stuck with that like theres, A rude deal right all right now lets go ahead and take a look at what else we have in store here. So these are going to be the rate hours for the future with the current date, so november 26th were going to be seeing articuno, zapdos and moltres. Just the standard theres not going to be anything special regarding moves here for any of these and then youre going to see heatran on the 27th and then youre going to see the reggie trio on november 28th and then on november 29th.

Youre gon na see the swords of justice making a return. Now all these can be shiny. There is that and also the candies for you to collect. So i guess you can go ahead and shoot for that. Now, taking a look at the spotlight hours, there has been no rewards announced as far as i have seen so on the 26th youre going to see rattata on november 27th youre going to see sableye, which is good. You want those candies. Definitely nice was as well as that shiny pikachu on the 28th, if youre looking for xl candies and then on the 29th beldum. That is the most important spotlight hour. I think weve ever seen, so you definitely want to get out there and catch as many as you can for candies, right, xl or just regular if youre, not level, 40 or potential shiny. Now lets go ahead and take a look at my hoopa here. I do have pretty good ivs, i think its a 15 14 14.. I really did luck out on that, so i do have a secondary move as far as usability in pvp its absolutely really not doing much. I mean you could hit pretty hard for sure, but with that typing psychic and ghost you definitely dont want to run into dark and youre just going to get completely walled, especially with the moves that you do have so the form that it is going to be Changing into is going to have a lot more usability.

Well, take a look at those moves here in a moment, so you can see exactly whats going on as well as the stats, so the fur furu does have the form, change and pokeminers did say something about uh, something on the end of them. Seeing niantic can in fact make it so the casio pokemon can change forms if they decide they wanted to do that. A lot of you did have a lot of good feedback. I posted a little thing on twitter, with my bubble, store 100 ib, costume hat and then with a form, change button right next to it, and a lot of you agreed yeah. We really do need something like that for those uh, but it probably would not be within the best interest of niantic. I think, maybe because then its gon na be like. Oh, they get their hundred that way, because we have all these costume pokemon all the time. Theyre gon na find their 100s. That way, you know and say, of course it has an evolution right in the future. Once its rate comes out, you know i mean it that might cut into their profits as far as people wanting to rate it, because theyve already got that 100. They dont really need it too much, but i dont know maybe im thinking a little bit more than i need to about it, but nonetheless it would be nice because i do have a few hundreds here.

We cant evolve a few costs in pokemon, mostly the squirtle sunglasses, the current event that we do have going on right now right and then you have some of those pichus and pikachus that you can involve, but as far as these ones, i dont know why. Its just like straight you cant evolve. It should be an option to remove it, but who knows seeing this it might come in the future. Maybe theyll hear our feedback. I dont see how it could really hurt them too much. It could just make us happy. You know, because all these useless costume pokemon, i know people like to collect them, but at the same time its becoming a bit much. I think we can all agree on that. Even the people that, like costumes, are probably like yeah, you know yeah theres, a lot of gaussian pokemon now at this point, a lot of hat things that are kind of just accumulating in your inventory, which is going to have you purchase more bag space right. So being able to just simply form change, these would be amazing instead, instead, instead of having to use an eliteim on this, i dont know 100 hundred venusaur that i caught before it even got a community day and im going to do so, but im just going To wait a little bit longer because you never know they might implement that and thats an elite tm that i can save for another day but anyways.

There is my thoughts on that. Hopefully we can get that for and change for other costume pokemon for the current event that we do have the ed event. You know there you go theres a little. Something were going to take a look at is, you know, got your water pokemon. Hopefully you can get a shiny sunglasses, squirtle and ill push. All my shiny look on you for that, because i got my shundo 100 sunglasses im good. Now you can redeem a code well put that on screen here in a moment, and it is going to be a sweater now i dont know if they fixed it were going to actually go and im going to change my avatar from a male to female, because Apparently, people are saying that the female was not receiving the hoodie now i dont know if its going straight to the avatar itself and you need to redeem it with that specific male or female to collect that sweater. Do you see where im going with that um? But i dont know so, hopefully theyll fix that, but i just want to address that yeah i dont know, for whatever reason, the female edge sweater is not showing up so yeah its, not just you. It is just the way. It goes isnt that weird seeing a that avatar on the screen lets change that back somebodys, going to look at my profile im like whoa whoa whoa. What the heck does this thing get hacked all right anyway.

Yeah got ta love that pose too its kind of silly, and hopefully you were able to hit legend for season nine. It was a pretty wild ride, but definitely fun had its ups and downs and it was horrible, horrible laggy this season, and they definitely need to fix that now. Taking a look heres the code on screen, i know youre gon na have to pause. It so go ahead and do so and then youre gon na go ahead and go to that link and redeem. It and youll be good to go so yeah, for whatever reason female sweater is not being able to be redeemed. So anyways moving on to the hoopa unbound gon na go ahead and take a look at its stats here now it is showing the regular hoopa but thats, not it all right. So its gon na have a max ep of 4530 attack 311 defense, 191 and then stamina 173. So this thing is going to be pretty stacked week 2 bug very weak to bug, also weak to ferry, look out for charm and has a very good resistance to psychic because it is going to be both dark and psychic type itself. Lets take a look at its moves. It has astonish and confusion for its quick moves. All this subject to change so remember that uh, probably not theyll, probably maintain these moves. Shadow wall, psychic and dark pulse, looking pretty good could be better could be worse.

Well, just have to see what it does here. Psychic and dark is pretty interesting typing as well. So if you have a good iv, well, yeah im yeah, im gon na power it up. Am i going to invest? Yes, i am thank you for watching. If you did enjoy this video, please give it a thumbs up make sure you have notifications on, because i will be bringing this to 40 and seeing what it can do. Thank you for watching and take care trainers, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, uh, Music, hey so youre.

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