Pokémon GO, Hoopa, Niantic W TO UNLOCK HOOPA UNBOUND RESEARCH IN POKEMON GO! Surprise Raid Hours & Spotlight Hours Announced

We are talking about hoopa unbound, because pokemon go finally did announce that hoopas unbound form is coming to the game this week right so that promo picture of hoopa unbound was super sick. It looks like a very awesome awesome pokemon, so lets talk about this event, guys that is of course, starting on friday. The 26th at 10 a.m, local time to monday november 29th at 8 p.m, local time so event, bonuses of this event, guys two times transfer, candy and two times: uh xp for catches as well, so not too bad of bonuses there. Now the season of mischief does conclude. This season does end on december 1st so december 1st will start a brand new season which hopefully will give us access to keklian, maybe in a special research similar to how we got hoopa in the special research. That is what the rumors have been saying. So hopefully that does come true, because i do want to get kecleon in this game at some point right. So do you remember guys to access the brand new special research story of hoopa unbound? You guys have to complete this special research if you want it for free, so the research that you guys want to complete is, of course, this one right here, misunderstood mischief, which is a 16 page long special research. I am almost done with mine, thats gon na face five grunts and then im pretty much done with the research, and then that means i get the hubba unbound research for free.

But if you were to not complete this research guys, you would have to pay five dollars in the shop right to buy the hoopa unbound form special research, which they do say right. There and tickets cannot be purchased with pokey coins either, and it is also non refundable as well. So if you want to get it for free make sure you guys do complete this research right here. The 16 page special research right there, if you guys want that for free, now, hoopa unbound. How do you get hoopa unbound guys well its very similar to fur fruit right so for fruit right here we see the change form its 10 000 dust and 25 candy and its pretty much the same for hoopa confined form so lets go to hoopa right now. Just to pull him up here, so this is hoopas confined form guys now, once the research does start this friday, local time, you should see a change form button by hoopa can find right, so changing hoopas form from hoopa confined to hoopa unbound form will require 50 Hoopa candy and 10 000 stardust now vice versa, from hoopa unbound form to hoopa can find it takes less candy, 10 hoopa candy and 2 000 dust, so thats not too bad, but yeah 50 hoop of candy and 10 000 dust to put it into hoopas. Unbound form, which i feel like most people, will be using the unbound form anyways. So itll just be like a one time thing for you guys a 50 candy and 10 000 dust because do remember that unbound form does have a much higher attack stat at the at the time.

Im making this video it has like a 311 attack set. So it seems to be a lot better than the confined form most definitely so yeah. It is pretty much gon na work like the fur through with that change form mechanic. Now also guys in this blog post that pokemon go posted about the special research story of hoopa unbound. They did also announce surprise raid hours as well for some awesome tier five raid bosses – guys right here, as you do see from 6 p.m, to 7 p.m. On the 26th 27th, 28th and 29th of november, we will have different rate hours for different tier 5, legendary pokemon, so on the 26th were gon na. Have the gen one legendary birds for a raid hour 27th is heatran. 28Th is reggie rockwood its the ice versus steel and 29th is the swords of justice trio as well, so some awesome surprise raid hours in the month of november 2.. So from these raid hours, more than likely im only going to play the gen 1 legendary birds and heatrin raid hours, the other two raid hours. I dont care too much of because i have a lot of their shinies already and i just did a bunch of raids for the swords of justice trio too. So, im kind of done doing raids for those so yeah, so yeah seems like for me guys only articuno, zapdos, mulches and heatran will get my raid passes thats all i care about from these raid hours, but if you guys are interested for the reggies, of course, Go after them on the 28th of november or again, if youre unlucky for the source of justice trio, you have another chance of getting their shinies on the 29th of november.

Now its not only surprise raid hours, they also did announce, surprise spotlight hours, but you guys are probably wondering we already have spotlight hours for the month of november. We have chimchar and piplup coming up right. Well, these spotlight hours will be taking place on the weekend and on monday and at a completely different time frame as well, so we have rattata on the 26th sable on the 27th pikachu on the 28th and beldum on the 29th upcoming uh this weekend, guys, like I said, and theyre gon na be taking place at 12 p.m, to 1 p.m, local time, so a completely different time frame. So make sure you guys do remember that, because some of you guys may forget, i think its going to be at 6 00 p.m. These are at 12 p.m, to 1 p.m, local time right over the holiday weekend. So keep that in mind, because i feel like a lot of you guys will forget. It starts at 12, not six, because i feel like a lot of you guys do – want to play sableye and beldum spotlight hour for sure, because do remember sableye gives you a lot of stardust. I think about how much right looks like 11 25 star dust with a star piece on per catch of sableye, so you guys can get some awesome. Stardust games from sableye spotlight hour also get some xl candy for stabilize as well and, of course, get that golden shiny for sable, i2 and beldum, of course, great for xl candy for metagross.

The shiny is amazing too. So a lot of people want to play belgium spotlight too so dont forget they do take place at 12 p.m, to 1 p.m, local time on those given dates, and i think im for sure going to stream – probably all of them except pikachu. I know i have no interest in pikachu, but i think i will stream rattata save light and build them, but for sure sable i am belgium. I will, without a doubt, stream most definitely and also got some new avatar items as well for hoopa its a brand new t, shirt for the hoopa unbound form, so pretty exciting stuff. Guys ive made videos already talking to you guys that yes, huba unbound was coming out in pokemon go and now it is 100 confirmed. It will be coming out again this friday, local time through a special research storyline and again, if you guys dont, want to pay five bucks, get that one research done with where we caught hoopla can find four man, and you guys will get it for free. For that hoopa unbound catch, otherwise youre gon na pay five bucks in the shop. If you want hoopa unbound guys so make the decision uh, i would just get that research done. If you can so yeah. Let me know in the comment section down below guys: will you be catching hoopa unbound form this upcoming weekend and what raid hours and what spotlight hours will you be playing this weekend as well? Let me know in the comment section guys thank you so much for watching the video.

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