2021, Cyber Monday, Sony PlayStation, Xbox One YBER MONDAY Gaming Headset Deals (2021)

I swear by this headset i stink and love it 35 bucks wow its 3.5 somewhere anyways lets not go too much into it. 35 bucks guys stinking awesome, im going to swing it right over here to the pro wireless. I believe these are on sale as well. 130 bucks from 180 yo wireless is wireless. We all love it right. Awesome deal across the board right here now, the v2. These are the usb ones. They are also on sale for 70 dollars, regularly. 100 bucks. So id go this route, guys if youre looking for that budget, headset 35 bucks, dont even question it add this to the cart check out and enjoy. You know what i mean. If you want wireless bam, you can go right here. 130. The white ones are also on sale for 130 and good night yo. Those look so stinking good right. What a way to start it off coming right back at us swinging punches here. Steel series, artix 3 console edition at 34.00. Yo sign me up. 35 bucks. Some of you might be asking consolidation whats the difference console on the regular edition it just doesnt come with a splitter. You need the splitter if youre on pc, but you all probably got tons of those in your drawers right there. So anyways 35 bucks awesome deal on the arctics three right here are the white ones on cl2 yo, the white ones are on sale too. Double win right here now the arctics ones are also on sale for 35 bucks.

You kind of decipher right there, which kind of style or design or build do you like. Do you prefer more? The detachable retractable microphone. 35 bucks me personally. I would still go with the threes, but if you like that more traditional design, you got the artix ones here at 35 bucks as well as far as sound exact, same hyperx cloud stingers, coming in at 30 bucks yo. I love this headset. I love this headset from day one its one of my favorite budget headsets, even at the regular msrp of 50 bucks at 30 bucks yo. This headset is stinking awesome. 30 bucks, its a win yo, were on a streak right now with 30 headsets. All right so kicking our budget up here a little bit. We got the logitech g335 coming in at 50, bucks regularly 70 bucks. Now every single color you got the white one. You got the whatever you call that right there greenish bluish and then you have the black 50 bucks, stinking cozy hands down awesome headset right here. If you want to pump it up a little bit more right there, you got the logitech g pro x wireless. Now this is a shroud edition. The regular edition i dont believe is on sale, just a shroud one, both the exact same except it says, shroud on the side right 150 from 199, you save 50 bucks, awesome wireless headset, comfort, man, but sound and everything build stinking. Fantastic 150 bucks awesome deal here now.

If you want to go the wired route theyre only going to run you 95 bucks from 130 still awesome, sound awesome build comfort man. It depends on person right there, but the sound of the g pro is stinking awesome. At 100, under 100 bucks here by five bucks, you know great deal: hey guys. The epos h3 are on sale. Every time i review these epos headsets, i say theyre overpriced a little bit right now, theyre only on sale for 12 bucks, 87 bucks – i dont know i would have liked to see them at like 70 bucks and ill be like yo check this headset out, because Its stinking awesome, at least, were saving some, so if youve ever wanted to dab with the epos headset, they all sound, amazing theyre, just awesome headsets, you know i just always state yo theyre priced a little bit heavy. You know 87 bucks its not a great deal, but its a deal. So again i put this as hey. If you wanted to dab with it, now might be the time to dabble with it. Now the roadcat synpro air is on sale as well down to 100 bucks from 150. I felt like that. Regular msrp was heavy on this guy i feel like 100. Bucks is where it should be, so not a bad grab here now these jbl headsets, a lot of them, are marked down crazy. You guys havent recommended me to try these left and right.

I dont know people swear by them. I havent used it so i feel kind of bad recommended, but 150 bucks from 300 bucks. I might have to scoop these up right here. Again, people swear by them. You know what im gon na add this to cart, and i might scoop this up myself right here, because thats, a pretty stinking sweet deal right. There lets see what other jbls we had to quantum 600s. I believe i tested these. I dont remember what i said about them, though: a hundred bucks down to 150, so not as big as savings as the other ones. The other ones seem pretty juicy at 150 right there from 300. This sounds like a great deal. You know what i mean. Quantum 800: i heard a lot of good things about these as well from 199 to 129. Also, not a bad deal right here were gon na have to check these out yo theres bluetooth on this as well. Okay, these these these jbls. Let me add this to the card. I think im gon na decide between those two. Let me know what you guys think of these now. The jbl quantum 100s are also on sale at 25 bucks, every color, the blue, the black and the white. This headsets, like the sound, is good, but the builds kind of like uh whats going on here, the comforts you know its a good headset for like a kid, if you, if you get like a switch for your kid or a console or something you just want To throw in a little headset, this is a great great option right here, a little 25 again, the sound really does it at 25 bucks.

You cant go wrong, i guess huh, you can kick it up a notch and go to quantum 300 for 40 dollars right here to build and everything again the pads kind of beefed up a little bit more. They just kind of improved it a bit more. You can definitely tell the difference on the 100. You just looked out to the 300s right here. These can go 3.5 or usb 40 bucks id say go with this route before you go with the 100s, unless again youre just trying to stay at that budget. 25 price not bad either way, but i would say, go 300 now the razer bear recruited x are marked down to 70 bucks from 100 bucks. This headset does it all as far as style, the build the comfort its awesome awesome sound as well. Its lightweight theyre wireless 70 bucks – this is an awesome. Headset didnt catch much traction, but i really think this is a great headset to get to try out. Razer krakens are on sale for 40 dollars from 80 bucks, not my favorite headset um, a great building everything some potential definitely focus more on highs. I say not my favorite but im looking right here on amazon, guys, 33 700 reviews thats, four and a half stars. So, hey, i must be wrong here, right, thats, a great deal that 40 bucks um, the colored ones, the pink and the white ones go up to 45 bucks.

Now i believe they had the ultimates over here that were also on sale from 130 down to 60.. You get the rgb, the usb the sound card and all that again the reviews are stinking fantastic, so hey, i might be alone on this one. Another great budget option going right in line with those quantum 100s right there, the razer, kraken, x, ultimate or ultra light, and again they are seriously ultra light right. The sound is pretty good. The comforts fair, the only thing you dont have swivel right there, but coming in at 30 bucks youre saving 20 bucks right here again. I put it in that budget class right there, if maybe, if youre just doing a little add on or something not not too bad at 30 bucks. Now the razer cairo pro wireless – you all have heard me rave up and down about this headset. I absolutely love it if youre buying a series x for yourself or for a family member or whatever, you need a headset dont dont. Look any further get this one right here. This is stinking awesome. At 100 bucks you get to dabble with all the settings in there and everything yo, this headsets fantastic, its a great buy at 100 bucks. Now they also have the wired version 60 buck or 70 bucks from 90.. The wired ones, good, okay, its good its very good, but go with the pro go with the wireless trust me here.

Its gon na be that good right are the white ones on sale, white ones, arent on sale, dang now look at this. The turtle beach recon 500 is down to 48. They marked these down even further than the other day. Are the white ones on sale? Lets check this real quick hold up; okay, so all right, so the white camera ones, cost them or whatever the black ones, look sleek right: 48 bucks for the black ones, the recon 500s. These are using those 60 millimeter drivers, guys yo. This headset is awesome at 48 bucks. This is a steal. This is a great headset right here at 48 bucks and then coming down here to the turtle beach elite, pro twos at 70 dollars regularly 130. This headset is awesome. The comfort the bill yo i go on on and on about this headset here its awesome like wow. This headset is great. It really is a 3.5, so its going to work on everything as well 70 bucks. I totally recommend this one. Now the astra a40s are 200 bucks right here with the amp, so you could headset an amp and i believe the playstation one is as well. The blue version yeah theyre, both 199. They havent marked down the 850s, yet unfortunately, that kind of stinks right there. Now, if you get the xbox version, one were looking at here: itll actually work on playstation 5 and your series x, pc and mac, and all that this is the version.

I use right here. Awesome headset not a massive savings, but i think good enough to make it a good deal all right guys. I got to mention this one here: the bose quietcomfort 35, the gaming headset version right here, 279 from 329. dont. Look at this just as a gaming headset, because you can still take it apart and use it just as the qc35, which is what i do a lot. You know best for gaming, no best for music, heck, yeah theyre stinking amazing. So you kind of get a two right there, its definitely a nice versatile, dont, look at it, just a gaming headset, because you still get your bose headphones over here, so not a bad deal when you look at it that way. Now the hyperx cloud alpha s is down to 80 bucks from 130 right there. Now they also have the black version, all black or the blue and black right there. This headphone just screams detail as far as sound its awesome right there at 80 bucks. I prefer the all black one, but again you can pick which color you prefer and the hyperx cloud x coming in at only forty dollars from 70 bucks right there, just a great all around 3.5, its you think about it as the budget hyperx, but its still. The same as like your cloud, twos and stuff, like that, you still get that awesome. Sound awesome, build 40 bucks great deal here.

We go theres those cloud alpha, ss and all black im. Just look at those things. They look stinking sharp right. This is a set. I have right here its just an awesome headset for sure they also have these cloud cores on sale for 50 bucks theyre going to be the exact same as the cloud x. We just looked at again its just a budget. They market some of them as playstation and xbox, but theyre all the stinking same right here, 50 bucks. I believe the other one was ‘, so heck, maybe just go the other route of the ‘ one good old classic cloud. Twos are down to 79 bucks from 100 bucks, not a massive savings, a decent amount of savings. This headset just sells itself. I think thats why they dont market down much its been out forever and they still only market down 20 bucks, its a great deal, its an awesome, stinking headset. You know to me, so i think thats, what theyre doing here now the corsair hs80 are already on sale as well from 150 down to 120.. I love this headset, the comfort, the build the mic everything this thing get awesome on this guy coming in at one. I dropped my shoe coming in at 120 bucks. I love this headset, its a stinking steel. I love how its already on sale too, and the virtuoso line is on sale as well. Its gon na range from the sc to the basics, to the xcs or xts.

Again, these right here, 170 from 210 bucks. Now, if we go down to the um, what are these the basic ones? 140 from 180, its really the mic and stuff that differs? My favorite, of course, is the xt not a massive sale, 30 bucks 240. So still pretty pricey but anyways. The whole line, of course of virtuoso is on sale as well. That also goes along with all the corsair hs line, the hs60 hs70, the hs with the haptics and everything hs pros. So many good prices, as you see right here – 70 bucks down to 40 bucks, the haptic ones. If you like any of that from 130 down to 90 bucks, i mean all the corsair headsets. The hs line has some really awesome deals, as you can see right here at the hs45 down to 35 bucks, another great budget option, so anyways guys thats going to close it up for our headsets right here. Im looking on this and im, seeing some pretty good videos for keyboards too, so i think i might make one of those real quick, but all in all those are our gaming. Headsets hope this helped. You out hope you enjoyed it.

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