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They are closed on thanksgiving, but they will be open on black friday at 9 00 a.m. So costco for those who dont know, is a giant warehouse with lots and lots of name brand things on. There is a membership club, so you pay a, i think, a monthly fee or a yearly fee, and you have access to go into this giant warehouse to shop all the time, its kind of like a sams club, a competitor, if you will okay, so starting november. 1St, which is already passed, they already started. Many businesses already started black friday super early. So, but this one right here that were going to look at is the um right here were going to look at online and warehouse savings on the 26th to the 29th and theres. Also, some online only savings on november 25th. Glad that we would pop in and look at whats going on here and also some warehouse savings and online as well so lets jump in into this costco black friday um sale yeah. I am a black uh black friday im a black friday shopper, but i am a costco card member too. So let me see here, uh honestly, im gon na be im. Be blunt. I really dont care about the foods and the snacks right here like two dollars off. I just i dont feel like two dollars is enough to get me out of bed in the morning to go. If i wanted some pretzel chips or something like that, but it does add up over time if you do purchase a lot of things, so check back often to find new treasures and savings and were going to just uh click here to see what else they got.

Im more interested in things like this, like 10 off i mean you, you guys know things like this. We can find out the tj maxx ross, marshalls right here, like that, you know, can they have something good enough? Thats gon na make us want to go into the store, so here we go again. Every store has this going on the kitchenaid, and if i just click the details here, you can see a little bit of it so its 279 at costco. It was 379, but thats 100 savings ive seen it cheaper. I really i really did, but this is a six quart, so thats different, you know theres six quarts, but i dont know ive ive seen it cheaper other places as well. Um see what they got here. The atami smart color changing led pathway lights, the four pack thats very interesting. I would actually really be interested in that to see like what that looks like and what it does. I think thats, really cool so ill circle. Back to that um is this. Is this the uh the sprinkler set, so you guys have a home and you want to, you know, have a sprinkler go off together its 149., its about 50 savings. These i just wish. I mean i love hotel, grand feather down pillows a two pack. I mean its just a five dollar savings. I just kind of wish there was more of a savings in that uh yeah im just going to skip this page here, because i just kind of feel like thats a little bit of a miss for me.

If youre into jewelry, they have jewelry thats, going to be 500 off to 350 off for some wedding bands, and things like that, theyre gon na have a huge jewelry selection. I do think thats a really good deal as for this right here. This recliner, you got the leather power recliner with power head rest for 800. Its a 200 savings on this chair right here, moving right along were gon na have the phillips hue lights at 15 off. I honestly dont think this is the best place to go so far its not looking like this is where you want to go, they do have a piano, though i thought that was really interesting. I went and clicked on this link here, so we can see about the piano sales and im also on the costco website right here so theyre going to have. Let me see apple airpods its a lot of the same here on this website. But to me this is all just marketing. I think this is the page that we want to look at specifically to find out whats on sale. As for the ipads theyre going to be 70 off thats very interesting, i actually think that might be a good deal, but i think best buy also has some sales going on and they also do price match other places as well. Just to keep that in mind. So oh heres, the piano. I was looking at earlier, its for some reason when i click the piano.

It just takes me to the website: um yeah, so its a 549 dollar piano uh, it doesnt say if it its kind of uh blurry to see here. So i really cant make out the brand, but if you guys are interested and anyone else down below, if you can read it out or your piano connoisseur, you can leave that comment down below of what brand it is. Okay, then, we have some more holiday, um, sugary snacks, and i do think that when it comes to food, its going to be a lot harder to find food uh during closer to thanksgiving um yeah. Let me see here everything the advertisement here is very small, so i can make it bigger for us there you go thats a little bit better uh huh yeah, nothing really good! Here! Yeah, i dont know guys. You know im gon na, keep it real with you. I just dont think that uh black friday is the place to be at costco. I im trying to look here 70. I mean these are really nice here. It would just it would be one of those places that youd have to stop at. For that. One specific thing that you need: you know: hmm interesting um. Let me see they got a wi fi karaoke its 174.. They did have this really interesting speaker, the last time that i was there, but i do think this might be a store that its better to just go in and look at and see if they have anything on display that you might that you might like.

I mean look at this here. They got this huge 4k led lcd and its a sony, bravia 65 inch and 75 inch. I mean, i would say, thats good. I mean im not going to be a total hater, but i think thats a good price there. My last tv that i did purchase, i got from costco and it was a i believe, 86 inch flat screen tv and i i believe i think i got a good deal on that one. But i dont see that listed here. At least maybe i might have missed it. I think this might be it. Oh heres, the 82 inch all right, heres the 82 inch uh for 149. I think thats a good deal wow. That is a really nice deal there thats huge yeah. I would. I would go to costco for this specific uh, samsung oled tv. I think thats a good deal. This actually might be the one i actually bought and looking at it its around the same price i paid so its not a good thing. I didnt wait good thing. I didnt wait. It looks about the same price and then we got some headphones here. The apple airpod max. I believe these headphones are like 500. So, to get 50 off of that, i dont really think thats a great deal there and then also we have the apple ipod pro uh ipad. Pro 12 was 50 off. I mean it looks like youre looks like apple gadgets when it comes to the laptops and the headphones are going to be about 50 to 70 off of it here at the store uh lets see over here we got some monitors, uh, 65 and 75 minutes.

I think when it comes to tvs, if you guys are still watching put down below what the best size screen tv is, you know, is it 60, 75, 55, 80, 90 and leave that sweet spot of a good size for you and everyones different? You know i remember people wanted the biggest tv they can get at that time and now that so many tvs are out and about and really readily available people just dont always go for the biggest ones anymore. They just kind of go for that. You know that sweet spot, so let me know what that is, for you ill really be interested to know um. So theyre gon na have some deals on some tires. I see that there um, let me see for all the costco members. I really dont see anything thats worth even being a costco member for other than that. One tv that micro, oh girl, microwave we should go. I feel like microwaves is in the same category as the air fryer, that weve been seeing in every single black friday ad is like you. Dont have an air fryer by now its like. If you dont have a if you dont have a free, if you dont have a microwave by now its, but i dont know i just dont get excited about buying a microwave, they all kind of look the same. Oh, my god. These almonds are so good. The kirkland ones – oh dont, even get me started mm hmm, so we got these toothbrush.

These are really nice. 150. Off of that thing, you get two of those really nice more jewelry. Yes, sign me. I love jewelry im a sucker for jewelry. I love love, love, jewelry, says save on apple products valid starting november 25th, uh, okay, it doesnt really say much else other than that uh. We got some cases. Some alarms. Okay, 65 inch; 1499 lg oled, oh nice. Okay, i mean for that price. I would just go for the bigger one, but then some people prefer like a crystal quality. The oled quality and different things like that. Um, the fitbit charge is 50 off uh. You also have the beats. Studio are going to be 50 off um 400. Off of this windows, 17 inch laptop wow. What is this? Oh, its a wine cellar for one thousand; six hundred; ninety nine dollars, nice; okay, all right, fifteen percent of parts and servers and accessories at their auto program, and i think thats pretty much it holiday, appliance online savings event. So this youre looking for holiday appliances, this right here ive always had a sweet spot for this. I bought one of these recently for my mom and honestly. She wanted it because it had the screen in it, but she didnt even use it its just every time. I go over its just there like the wi fi is not even connected shes like ah, i really dont use 600 bucks off of the uh samsung extra large capacity front load washer, and then you got 700 off the full depth.

Family h, uh hub refrigerator, thats gon na, be that one there wow wow the deep freezer too is a good deal. Okay, so we got this pretty much it yeah uh guys we did the amazon black friday yesterday, so you can definitely check that out. I think the next one were going to do is a macys black friday, so be subscribed, leave a like and comment. If you want to see the macys black friday is going to come up next, but thank you for watching this video.

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