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But no, alas, my alarm went off and said: hey wait, walmart is maybe doing this early and sure enough. Its here monday november 22nd, at 7 pm eastern, the black friday online sale at walmart begins. The sale will also be in store friday november 26th at whatever time your store is opening that day so check your local ad at, but this video will be relevant. The entire week of thanksgiving, including on black friday, when you have the chance to go in to walmart and get these deals, and if you guys, are interested in amazons black friday or cyber monday sales, or just want to compare some of the products that we talk About in todays video click on that link down below in the description and see what kind of price you can get for these products that were talking about also check on their deals. They have new deals coming out every single day. Also, i forgot to introduce myself im tyler by the way from unbox techie, sorry its past, my bedtime and deal number one guys. We have so many good deals to talk about in this week of black friday and this probably the biggest week of the holiday shopping season, but this deal is absolutely fantastic. This is a 70 inch tv guys. 70 inch is a big tv, 70 inch tv for ‘8. under 400. for a 70 inch tv. The brand is an on brand, which is not known for having like very expensive tvs, but this is still a heck of a deal.

A great deal, a very large tv. I would maybe look up some reviews if youre concerned about the brand and, like i said its, not maybe the most reputable brand, but it is a great deal on a very, very large tv. Two years ago i bought a 65 inch vizio, for i think it was 370 and for the extra like 30 40 bucks. I would definitely go for a 70 inch now again check on the brand if you like the brand or not, but this is a great deal on a massive tv moving on. If you guys are looking to switch phone carriers or even buy a new phone, you can almost always find deals going on in this week, just like pretty much the rest of the year. But sometimes the deals are a little bit more exaggerated. A little bit bigger and you can sometimes get a pretty whopping deal just because you sign up or because you switch or because you pick a device this week. So if you guys are looking to do that, definitely consider walmart consider best buy. Maybe even the individual carriers like t, mobile or verizon see what kind of black friday deals they have going on. But walmart does have some deals that are shown right here, but i want to talk about the apple watch series. 3.. Now there hasnt been a ton of upgrades since the series 3, so its actually still a pretty relevant apple watch and apple, i believe, is still manufacturing these, as they are a kind of more economical watch.

But this price is unbelievable. Theyve dropped the price all the way down to a hundred and nine dollars guys. You cannot get an apple product for that price. That does as much as the apple watch. So i highly recommend that, if youre looking for some kind of awesome, apple gadget and accessory, it works great with the iphone it works with airpods. It works with a ton of different apple integrations. If you guys are looking for an item to get someone. That is an apple fan or has an iphone or maybe even is into fitness, because you can also use it with apple fitness and all kinds of other stuff. If youre looking for some type of item at a good, reasonable price and they dont have an apple watch, this is a great option. The xbox series s console for 2.99. Now, if you guys have been following xbox, xboxes, have been sold out across many different locations. Many different platforms and different distribution places theyre just very hard to get their hands on, so this might be an opportunity for you to get your hands on the xbox console im, not a hundred percent sure on the s version. But i know the x has been extremely hard to find and its been you know, years now and its extremely hard to find so id highly recommend. If youre looking for a series s, you consider this, because this might be your first chance to actually get your hands on something that is in stock.

And maybe if you dont get it here, then you can look other locations. But this might be a great bet for you to really get your hands on it from a first party rather than a third party like ebay. And that brings us to the xbox series x and ps5, which are consoles that have been known for selling out and been very hard to get their hands on in the past and again right here, you can see on this page. It says this is only going to be an online offer, so youre not going to get the option in store. They probably dont want too many crazy incidents in store, so its only going to be online and, like i mentioned before, i would at least try if youre really trying to get this console, i would definitely try, but its only while supplies last. I dont know how many they have. It might be very difficult. Next, we have the nintendo switch and mario kart 8 bundle thats actually going to save you a little bit of money, i believe, with the bundle, because youre actually going to get that game included in there for free, which normally those games run about 50 bucks. So thats, actually gon na save you just a little bit of money. If you get it in the bundle and like i said it says here that theyre supposed to have a minimum of five per store. So if you guys cant get it online, you might be able to go in on your store on friday and see if youre able to snag one of those from your local walmart.

Okay, but enough about video games theyre not like the greatest deals, but they might give you the option to snack some inventory where other places are sold out. Lets talk about some airpod pros, airpod pros marked down to just 159. I remember when i got mine. I think it was two years ago when they initially came out. They were 250, so 159 is actually a great deal for again some apple products, an airpod pro they are fantastic. I absolutely love mine again. If youre, looking for an apple fan that doesnt have air pods or only has the old school, the normal air, pods and doesnt have the pro version. I highly recommend them. They are phenomenal. We have another tv sale and that is the vizio. Now this is a 70 inch tv and it is going to be 4.98, so a hundred dollars more than that previous tv that we talked about. But it is going to be the vizio brand and it should be a smart tv as well yeah its going to be a smart cast tv. So that means it actually has an apple airplay built into it. You can actually cast from your phone or airplay from your phone over to the tv. It works kinda. Well, not fantastic um. It also has a google chromecast built into it and that works really well um. The airplay is just a little spotty, sometimes but overall im super happy with my vizio 65 65 inch.

I think its a great tv and i got it at a great price. This is a fair price for a 70 inch right. Now. Obviously we saw the on tv, which is just a great price right now, but this is a fair price at a fairly reputable name. Vizio has improved a lot and theyre actually one of the more top recognized brands of tv right now. So i would consider this, but its not going to be maybe the best deal youve ever seen on a tv, because we already talked about that one. Okay, also on just randomly, is like hey. You know what, if you want a 40 inch tv, we can do it for 128. Yes, thats right, a 40 inch tv for 128, if you guys maybe need like a random tv for like an office or a waiting room or maybe something that you dont need. Like extreme graphics, anything like too fancy on it looks like its a 1080p um tv, so youre not gon na get maybe that 4k quality out of it, but for 128 bucks like whoa, we got some good deals on appliances as well. Pretty marked down pretty low priced here, but again appliances sometimes go on sale during the holidays and just in general, and if you guys want to compare them with amazon again, you can check that link down below in the description and see what kind of price you Can get on those appliances for black friday? Sometimes amazon has a better price.

So im not going to say these are like a fantastic price, but there are a few deals going on if you want to just add them to your cart while youre shopping on black friday, but lets talk about something i am really excited for and lets talk About these robot vacuums, weve talked a little bit about them in previous black friday ads, but they were kind of off brands. We did have shark shark as kind of a reputable brand, but this is an irobot vacuum. Irobot is probably like the most mainstream brand. As far as these robot vacuums go and were talking about the roomba i1 now this is going to be the very very high end of robot. Vacuums were talking about 666 dollars as the original price on this vacuum over 650 dollars before tax for a robot vacuum. Guys this is marked down all the way to 349.. That is a great deal that is a big big discounted price off of this vacuum. If you guys are interested in this, i would definitely look up reviews. You want to make sure this is the exact model that you want to get, but were not talking about little. You know, like starter out, robot backs that just go in a circle and kind of do their own thing until they run out of battery were talking about one that goes up cleans line by line each room goes back docks itself in its own station guys.

This is like top of the line were talking about fancy fancy robot vacuums, so if thats, what youre here for definitely check this out again 349, a big savings here and also check down below on amazon, see what their price is on it. Sometimes they have comparable but im guessing walmarts, going to trump anything that amazon can offer on this vacuum. All right, guys, obviously theres more deals. So if you guys want to check those out its just click on the ad, and i want to wrap this up and keep it short for you guys. But again, if you guys are interested in amazons black friday or cyber monday deals check out that link down below in the description guys. Thank you so much for all your help and support and love on the channel.

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Apple, AirPods, Black Friday, Discounts and allowances, Cyber Monday, iPhone Tech Deals 2021

Apple, AirPods, Black Friday, Discounts and allowances, Cyber Monday, iPhone OSTCO BLACK FRIDAY 2021