Confined space, Occupational safety and health, Safety ILO References for NEBOSH IG2 Risk Assessment Project

You know, which is uh very much needed to everyone. Whoever is trying to achieve negotiatc exam or kind of qualification so but ill share that, just as an example of ielo regulations for each hazard, what sort of links you can provide there. So let me share that excel file. If you see this element like we have total 11 elements of nebosh igc, so the first four elements are relevant to ig1 and id2 is all about element 5 up to 11, so element 5, starting with the hazard categories like noise. Also, we have vibration. We have radiation, we have mental ill health, violence at work and also substance abuse at work. So, but all these hazards categories, because you have to select a category and then accordingly, if youre explaining something then bear in mind. As per i yellow conventions. Code of practice, like ce148, is relevant to working environment, air pollution, noise and vibration. Also, we have article 8 to 40 and also c155 occupational safety and health convention. Let me just a little bit to be more visible. You know so let me zoom it a little more, even no harm to do it so so see one double five: occupational safety and health convention 1985 number one uh double five, eight twelve. Sixteen eight eighteen and eight nineteen is all about the noise actually so see. 167 is safety and health and construction convention like 1988, so number 167. That means a17, a28, a30 and a33 thats also uh talking about noise.

But the key point to understand is the a12. You know like here, uh article 8 to 14 of c148 is all about preventing protective measures. Okay, just little smaller, so i can give a better shape now see one double five. You know: occupational safety and health convention. 1981 is a12, like hazard controls, a16, safe workplace 18 belong to first aid and same way. We have c167, like a17 plant machinery equipment, a 28 health, hazardous 830 spps and a3, like you know, iits and also c one four. Eight. We have uh article eight to fourteen preventive and protective mages, so its vibration, so c12 is relevant to other controls. A16 is first day of workplace, safe workplace, same way we have c16. So what i mean is each area which exactly the article belong to which sort of area is quite clear to everyone there now radiation is uh c one uh double one: five radiation production convention, 1960, so number one double one: five, article five, eleven and thirty. They are relevant for restricting exposure and article 6 and 7 maximum permissible dosage and also 88 exposed nearby people are 9 and 10 is kind of alerting, instructing training companies. So what i mean is whatever hazard you are targeting, or you are talking about some sort of uh controls or you are explaining you know, based on which international standards you conducted your risk assessment, so you can give exact reference from that excel sheet.

You know same way for mental ill. Health is c161 and article 9 to 15 is all about condition of operation and a5 particular is relevant to safe workplace and surveillance and a11 is complete and professional to examine health. So this is, you know again some references from c one double five, some from c six seven and you can see, like you know its quite clear to everyone there now violence at work is c190 wireless and harassment. I can mention 2019, but a4 is relevant to adopting gifted approach to mitigate virus and harassment and a 709 is protection and prevent protect prevention and 810 is all about enforcement and remedy, so article 1712 and a11, especially is iats and substance. Abuse at work is a yellow code of practice, management of alcohol, drug related issues uh. We also have work related upper limb disorder, ergonomics, workstation, that is uh c 161, like occupational health services, uh convention 1985, so article 9 and 15 is condition of the operation. A5. Save workplace and surveillance alignment is complete and professional examine, so manual handling is c127, but exactly the early article or number you have to describe like technical improvement of reduce and limiting exposure to vulnerable group and then again you know for manual handling c. One double five is also supporting same with some of the articles and c. Six seven is also supporting with through some articles like plant machine equipment and uh health hazard and pps, and also iits and load handling equipment, again c 67 different article numbers, then c, 74.

Again different article numbers as per the kind of uh, the hazards of the risk and what exactly the control means, the prevention, the protection or documentation required hazardous substances. C 170 is all about chemical convention like 1990, so different articles, classification, related means and responsibility. So i hope it will help you like. Look at uh more deeper, like substances is c: 70 170. Then one six m, one c uh one double five and c one: seven, four, with different articles as per different controls and kind of you know the area to be covered in our risk assessment, now: c161 thats, also supporting now health welfare and work environment, uh again C one six, one with different articles, condition of operation, save workplace and surveillance c167 is also supporting, especially for health hazard, fire control, pps first and welfare facility, then c 1 5 is also linking here like because health welfare and work environment is talking about. Is a you know, element 8, then also for working height, we have c 167 safety and in construction we also with different articles. Supporting like ppp is first aid hazard control, safe workplace. So whatever you are, writing there uh, especially the controller kind of hazard category so make sure in the risk assessment you are giving the exact references in because without reference, if youre gon na write something especially in the risk assessment project, it would be hard for you To get the numbers, but every cell every column is very much important to finland if you leave, because that should be the hundred percent, like whatever exactly negotia, is asking.

You have to fill that column fill that cell, even even that row i would say so same with the confined spaces. Are there like c 167, because its also supporting like safety of workplace, excavation shafts and different kind of articles like c seven four is also helping us see one double five with different articles, because theyre talking about controls, save workplace, personal etcetera, loan working. This is another hazard category, so c, one double five say: work place an arrangement for emergencies like article 16, antarctica 18 is supporting same way, the slips and trades c1 uh, six, seven and c one double five, but different article numbers. So you can watch this video over and over and have some deep uh kind of understanding, so it will be helping you for id2 project in china, so movement of people and vehicles in the workplace again c 165, article or 16 and 28 transporter moving and material Handling physical hazard, okay, so i hope it will be a good source for all of you to complete your ig2 assessment project, work later driving c, one double five different article numbers c, 174 and c167, because its all about the transport and the controls and kind of Provinces, you know now e9 element 9 of ig2 is all about work, equipment and machinery so c double 1 9. Regarding of machinery convention, that is also helping article 6 to 11 protection user machine with guard and also c 1, 5 c, 1, 167 c 174, especially guiding us for hazard, control, documentation, safety importance, inspection and even working responsibility.

Uh for fire element of fire is c. Okay, so same way, we have electricity, so i hope these article numbers and the exact references will be helping you. Thank you very much. So just subscribe, our channel, if you believe it is beneficial for all of you.

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