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, But then not lose when the market goes down. Because theres always going to be periods where themarket corrects or we have a recession, and I love to help people become empowered to Make themselves recession proof. How to come through a recession on skate. So as we proceed here. I want you to listen close and then, at the end of this episode, Im going to actually gift you a copy of my most recent bestselling book called the laser fund.. So stay with me as we go through this. Now: Im, not a doomsdayer, but I am a realist and I know that the economy goes through the ups and downs and as Ive indicated in any 10 year period, youll have probably seven up years compared to three Down years., But there are some times like that: worst decade, 2000 to 2010.. Actually I extended 2012.. We had only five up years compared to five down years and I basically was able to double many peoples money during that time period: tax free.! Now, if you understand the rule of 72., That means that in a 10 year period they had to earn at least7.2. Yep the actual rate of return was7.23., Which means that a lot of Americans who have their money in the market in the year 2000. Lets say They accumulated a million dollar nest egg by that year, without adding a dime, they saw that million dollar nest egg dwindles in value. Down to 600000 from 2001 2003 after the 911 terrorist attacks.

. It took four years to make back what they lost and by 2007 they. Finally, had their million again., They were back to break even.. They had to put off retirement, though seven years. They felt like they had lost their future.. Then what happened in 2008 In one single year with that mortgage meltdown., The market dropped 40 again. For the second time in a decade., It took four years until 2012 to come back to break even. From 2000 2010 people still only had 630000 at the end of 2010 to show for the million they started with. It took until 2012 to have that 630000 or So grow back to a million. During that 10 year period, many people using indexing thats a strategy that I teach in my book that I want to give toyou.. Their million had doubled to two million., Even if they fell asleep like Rip Van Winkle in the year 2000 slept for 10 years and woke up., Their million would have doubled to 2 million without doing anything, but simply linking using indexing.. That means five of the years when the market was down, they didnt make a dime, but they didnt lose.. Now most of our clients still made money but Im just using worst case scenario.. They didnt make anything. Zero was their hero though. Because they didnt lose 40 percent. The other five years they made money, and only two of those years did they. Cap out.. That means hit a cap of whatever indexthey chose, but their money doubled.

, In other words, their average return, was 7.23.. Now I said that a lot of our clients didnt just earn zero five of the years.. Only two of the five years did. They earn zero. The other three, they earned 5 because we helped them rebalanceand, so their average return was actually 10.07., Which means your money doubles in 7.2 years, and so this is how many people protected themselves from the market volatility.. Now, if this is resonating with you. Before I go any further and connect the dots and share a very important point., I want you to subscribe to this channel.. If this is resonating with you or you can think of somebody who ought to hear this or watch this be sure and share post a comment: click like., But subscribe to the channel., Its free. Three dimensional wealth and click on that little bell., Because then youll be Notified every time I post a new episode, which I do almost on a daily basis.. I have over 500 educational videos. Im passionate about providing you with insights, into opportunities that maybe you never knew existed before.. So let me go in and connect some dots now for you.. So at the beginning of this episode I told you Id give you my prediction about future stock market volatility. Yeah. As of the recording of this episode, the markets been going up, … and I notice a lot of people just go Yeah and they just think all is well.

. Well, I wouldnt celebrate too long.. In fact, Ive noticed that if you wait around waiting for the high point, youre gon na miss out. The nature of most people in America is they watch the market go up … and they sort of stick their head in the sand and think alls well, and Then the market starts to correct and they get a little bit nervous, but they wait until it drops 10, 15, 20, 25 percent and they start getting really anxious and then, when it finally drops 30 35, even though theiradvisor says No, hang on. The market always comes Back. Yeah., How many times have you heard that They finally say enough already and they selllow.? Can I just give you a secret Institutional investors are waiting around for you to selllow. They sold when it was high.. They took their profits off the table when the market was high., They sell high, they buy low.. Most Americans do the opposite and thats. Why Dalbar, who studies investor behavior, says The average investor in the stock market, especially retirees because theyre buying and selling at the wrong times, are only actually earning about three and a half percent. Thats, pretty pathetic.? Now, if you bought and held youd, probably average nine but thats beforetax., If you earn 9 and you take out 90000 out of a million dollar nest, egg. Youre only going to net 60000 to buy gas and groceries because you have to pay tax.

. Most Americans will pay at least a third in tax, based on where taxes are going in this country., Its going to be maybe even 40 50. So because of the fiscal and monetary policy of our government right now, theyre printing money like crazy., They have been for Quite a while., It was supposed to be temporary., Theyre, printing, a hundred billion dollars, a month. Thats, a trillion dollars every 10 months. That causes inflation.. That also has an effect on the economy, and the stock market goes artificially high and so forth. Its going to have to correct. Its not a matter of if its when., Also with taxes going up, they raise taxes that causes corporations to lay off people or to raise the price of goods and services, and everybody thinks oh golly, the economys growing. Its all artificial.. Its really not growing. The market going up is going to have to correct or adjust.. What you want to do is take your profits sooner than later.. Do what institutional investors do.? Take your money off the table and dont try to time when it peaks out, because youll regret it when it starts to drop 10 or 20 or 30 percent. Youll be kicking yourself that you didnt, sell higher., So dont put it off. Now people say Well. What should I do with the money.? You reposition that money into something thats going to grow when the market goes up but not lose when the market goes down using a vehicle that I call the laser fund.

. So how can you learn about this? This strategy is by far my favorite with regard to money., So the laser fund is actually an acronym LASER. The laser fund., My most recent best selling book is titled that.. It stands for liquid asset safely earning returns. Its my favorite vehicle to accumulate your money. Tax, free., Youll, learn why and how its tax free in the internal revenue code. Its been protected. That way for more than a century. Youll, also understand by using indexing that you link your returns to the things that inflate. So inflation, even though I dont like it any more than you do it doesnt hurt me.. It helps me. Because I earn a return greater than the inflation rate by linking my returns to the things that inflate., But indexing protects you from market volatility., So that when the market goes down like in 2008, thousands of people who owned laser funds were cheering in 2008., When everybody else in America who had money in the market were panicking. Our clients that owned laser funds were going, Go … Because they werent losing a dime and the first 90 days of 2009, when the market went back up, again. Many of them locked in Gains of 16 tax free after not losing a dime., Most Americans took four years to make back what they lost.. This is called indexing.. This is how people were able to double and even triple their money during the worst 10 12 year periods.

Since the great depression is what we call the great recession., Why am I telling you this Because were headed for another one, and I want you to come through unscathed.? How to protect yourself Claim your free copy., Go to, … Click on the link below and you contribute a nominal amount towards the shipping and handling. Ill pay for the book.. This retails on Amazon for 20 bucks. Ill, buy the book. Ill fire out a copy to you, but theres options there. If you like to listen and learn or watch and learn. Theres, even an 18 hour master class if youd like.. But as you begin to study and learn., We would love to help you optimize your assets and protect yourself from market volatility., Because my prediction is its just. A matter of time were going gon na have a major correction, and I want you to be in a position so that you do not lose a dime due to market volatility. Ever ever, again.

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