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So the great orbacks from the Department of physics at the University of Guelph is here to tell us all about it great to see you great Orbach good morning. This is so strange for me the passing of the torch here. Yes, someone else to put up with my annoying morning presents. Take it easy on me: will you well its exciting? This month is uh. The brightest Mars will be this year, so we actually the the Mars, is in opposition on the December 7th and 8th its directly opposite. The sun from the earth so well see the suns Rays bouncing off of Mars and youll see this big bright red orange Mars. In the sky, okay, when is this like? Is this like three in the morning when were kind of getting up and coming in, because sometimes that does happen where the morning show people the only people that see it yeah so it it is uh going to be able to be visible all month, youll be Able to see Mars all month, but theres, a very special thing, thats happening on December 7th on December 7th is something called called the occultation of Mars the occultation. And what is that is this? What youre, explaining here, explaining here so try to explain to us what youre, explaining here? Okay, so here Im talking about opposition, this idea that um! This is, as I mentioned before, where the Mars is directly opposite. The Sun and the Earth is in between, which means that we see the suns Rays bouncing off of Mars.

Now it happens to be that at this time this year, on December, 7th were going to be able to watch Mars disappear behind the moon, so at 10, 30 at night on the 7th Mars will disappear behind the moon and at 11 18 its going to come Out the other side – and this is rare for a couple reasons – first of all – we dont always get to see this based on this perspective of Mars, with respect to the moon, but, second of all its actually at a time that people will be awake and can Actually watch it, so if you, if you and the kids want to stay up till 10 30 at night, youll be able to see that little red dot disappear behind the full moon and come out the other side about 50 minutes later thats. What were looking for a little do well in physics. Why and then so, then, I think Im not good at physics that happens a lot, and I see that a lot with young people, especially they get easily bogged down with the maths and Sciences and they get turned off from it, and you know, honestly, I think, Were really hard on those young people and theyre really hard on themselves when they dont get it right away its like being a painter, you know no painter picks up a paintbrush and its perfect right away. I am because Im incredibly talented, yes, but you know for regular Mortals its difficult to pick up that paintbrush and to immediately become a great painter, but you dont not necessarily enjoy what the final painting is.

So it takes years to actually get that toolbox, ready, become a great painter and learn enough physics. For you to understand how much how beautiful the world is in terms of mathematics and physics, what has the photos from space like what the definition of the photos that were getting ridiculous, getting people more interested, seeing photos of the the surface of the Sun and, like This thing this Artemis project that just took place uh it pops around behind the dark side, the Moon, the Moon is locked with the Earth, so we only ever see one face of the Moon as it rotates around us, so the opposite side of the moon. We havent had a ship go up there and take an earthrise picture from the Dark Side of the Moon for like 30 40 50 years, and so were seeing these in these incredible things now in HD in high definition, and I think more than anything for me. If I was a young person nowadays, I would want to get into space research. I would want to learn more about math and about science, about physics, because you can see all this incredible video all this incredible footage and its there its there for you for the taking, if youre interested unless its cloudy on December. This is cloudy, in which case you wont be able to see anything, but you can watch my videos and see okay but heres. Another thing: the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and NASA often live stream all of this.

So if you cant see it at the time go online, you should be able to find footage of it happening at the time or after the fact. Okay, where can we follow you? You, oh uh me uh, uh Ill, go to the Guelph physics, uh YouTube page and thats, where I post my monkey stargazing guides for this region.

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