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These quick updates hit subscribe and the bell button, so you dont miss these quick uploads according to and if you havent seen the trailer. Yet we have it. Looped right there for you from software, has confirmed that Elden Rings long rumored, Coliseum DLC is real and it is available on December. The 7th which is today you can play right now for free theyre, not charging for this, so we dont know if this is the only element of the DLC that Elden ring is going to get. There have been other rumors theres been other speculations about the game. Expanding new areas, bosses and the like the trailer, shows the Coliseum update that adds a new PVP modes and lets players face off in the grand Arenas scattered around the lands between now theres, not much detail in the trailer, understandably theyre, just sort of showing you. You see here at the beginning, theres three players, sort of fighting dragon and then a boss and then exploring the open world. And then it says join forces to fight for the Eldon ring, which is interesting, because that has nothing to do really with the PVP. And then it says and then come and play the PVP modes. Now it doesnt go into specifics, but they do offer some information inside of the description. They also mention free for alls, which we dont know exactly what that will look like or the size of it. The video description says come forth Warriors and bask in the glory of the Coliseum.

The coliseums of lim grave Lindell and kylid will open their Gates, allowing players to engage in battles such as duels free for alls and team fights. Now this is long awaited if youve not been paying much attention to Elden ring. These coliseums have existed for obviously a long time. They were in the launch version of the game. There was even an NPC outside of wanting them that talked about fighting, and it led people to think one day were going to be able to go in there and do some fighting now. The PVP audience is sort of the ongoing audience that largely continues to play in great numbers. If you search YouTube for Elder ring, PVP guides or Eldon ring builds thats, where youre going to find those PVP commentaries. Now theres also been a lot of Elden ring patches that have addressed a lot of the issues with PVP and balancing and based on this trailer, it looks like youre going to be able to do like one on one. Duels also looks like theres going to be some type of a mode that centers around summoning your. You know your guys that you know can come out and fight for you and also a 3v3 six player mode where its basically you line up, and then you fight each other to the death. I can already think of some pretty fun modes that people could do see, who you know tree like Pokemon like see, whos summoning uh can win and youre not allowed to attack each other or uh, or do anything and uh.

It also makes me curious, but what else do they have planned for Elden ring? If youre going to show three players playing together in the beginning and sort of referencing Co? Op then maybe a co op update would be nice, maybe something that would make it more seamless and drop in drop out like the PC, mod offers and not just be purely focused on PVP. Hopefully this is just sort of the first step in expanding things. In the game – and the other question is what about all the other DLC leaks, theres been many leaks about bosses and story and lore thats going to be expanded upon? Is there going to be anything with actual substance to it with quests boss fights new areas, new Arenas? I would love a new game plus that would just randomize the the items and the bosses and the Dungeons and the enemies in the world. That would be incredible. Im not much of a PVP guy. I I plan on you know discussing this with the live audience over on reforge gaming, just kind of like hey. What is it about this that youre excited about? What is it about PVP? Should I get involved? Should I host fight clubs and shoutcast, you guys like? Is this going to be something that really reinvigorates the audience or is it primarily gon na only really sort of Pander to that PVP crowd? The rest of us are looking for bigger and better updates.

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