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I would remind everybody to please check out smash team were putting up all kinds of free and publicly visible information. Even for unpaid subscribers, so smash team check it out. Weve got an m class flare peak flux was around 7 20 universal time today, on december 5th, well, show more data on that. We do have a new sunspot group here its i believe its 2903 is going to be the name of this one there. It is in composite imagery from the solar dynamics observatory. It is a beta class sunspot. We deal. We still do have some possibility of solar flares here as a result of that sunspot group. So the m class flare came from a group thats already set in the southwest. This is 2903 in its progression in the southeast, and weve also got a colorized magnetogram for you. There also is a sunspot up here. Its only an alpha class sunspot well get to it momentarily. First, the radioflux, its at 88 solar flux units now theres the one year chart. The black line is the 10.7 centimeter radio output of the closest star theres. The space weather enthusiast dashboard were not seeing any forecast for geomagnetic unrest here. For some reason, i guess the noaa must think that the coronal whole wind stream is going to miss the earth. I would tend to disagree with this as we are expecting a high speed, coronal hole, wind stream sometime today, actually or perhaps early tomorrow on the 6th, not sure why its not reflected in the noaa forecast lets move on to look at global seismicity.

No major quakes in the past 24 hours there was a 6.0 in indonesia, though, well get to that. In a minute. South sandwich islands saw the second largest quake that was a 5.7 there near the antarctican plate boundary in the south atlantic. So the largest quake of the past 24 was at depth this 174 kilometers. That would be about a 6.8 if that happened at the surface. According to my back of the napkin mental math, there, a 6.0 magnitude quake there at 174 kilometers that came in just before midnight, universal time at 2347 last night, a 5.1 on the aleutian islands, as well as a 5.4 near japan. So most of the major activity there around the north and east, north and west pacific, rather also a 5.0 with japan, some quakes at hawaii, as blizzard warnings, are showing up check out our meteorology segment. If you havent seen that and were just scrolling up the list here, scrolling up the list, papua new guinea saw a 5.0 as well and theres a location of that one north of australia lets move on to volcanoes. Samaru has erupted in spectacular fashion. Lets start from the top la palma continues to explode, probably producing new real estate still with lava flows, its a seven thousand foot ash plume from la palma, subano, sejima flight level, zero, nine, zero, nine thousand foot ash plume over the ryukyu islands from subanose jima semaru Flight level, one five zero: two: five: zero: zero: a fifty thousand foot plume of volcanic ash that is awfully close to the stratospheric boundary folks, major volcanic eruption there at cemeru on the indonesian isle of east java, pavlov in the aleutian islands actually on the alaskan peninsula.

Rather also exploding, ten thousand foot ash bloom from pavlov fuego, fifteen thousand foot ash plume over guatemala from fuego nevado del ruiz exploding, 22 000 foot ash plume over colombia. Please dont square dance about the caldera sange exploding, twenty thousand foot ash plume from sange. Please do not build a campsite at the foothills of the mountain. Pyroclastic flows are unhealthful for humans. Ravanador exploding, 15 000 foot ash bloom from ravenador thats, located in the nation of ecuador, intermittent strong, puff emissions from saab and kaya. No indication of the flight level at saab and kaya thats in peru, nevada state, chilean sporadic emissions and explosions have produced a twelve thousand foot plume of volcanic ash. Please dont pull vault to cold air. Please do visit our links. Please do support the channel and please do use the promo code finish line to save 25 through december 7th todays featured product is mensah and im currently wearing the mensa hat. It stands for make earth not suck again and thanks for leaving a comment browne91 good morning to you as well. Here are some more items we have to offer. You can find links below the video to this, as well as at our home page at Universum liberate is what i have to say, while in the process of making earth not suck again by creating videos like this one increase, the probability theyll continue to exist by becoming a member of the smash team. Well give you a small tidbit on that.

If you want to go to the red bubble shop again, dont forget to use the promo code finish, line to save 25 click on smash, oh merch from our home page thatll, take you to the red bubble shop and heres, a teaser of this mornings postings at Smashamash.Com smash team were going to show you just enough. The headlines are a crypto gets hit past month. Google do be evil lets get to magnetic data and heres the ghost magnetometers. Over the past three days, earth remains in a north pole, current sheet actually earth snapping across into a south pole current sheet. So this is an indication that sunspot 2903 is going to be a dud ill, get to more of that in a minute earth. Having just snapped into a south pole current sheet, so we may see some additional sawtooth type patterns here, also theres a corona hole, wind stream on the way im convinced of it and heres the line of sight, view and youre going to see the blue line swinging Down there and then swinging back up theres the latest image. South pole. Current sheet earth is apparently in one now. Next, the line of sight, coronal whole plot, and you can see some both north and south pole, oriented coronal hole systems here in the east. North pole shown in green south pole shown in red as cycle 25 progresses in a rather slow fashion, heres a visual of coronal holes. This is 193 angstroms from the solar dynamics observatory and we are expecting a wind stream from this corona hole right here today and or tomorrow.

I would expect it to last a while too all right and lets move on here to our solar flare probability and detected sunspot groups again. This group down here is going to be known as 2903 sunspot 2903 here and, if i had to guess which i dont id expect it to degrade as a result of the magnetism we showed you a few frames ago likelihood of large solar flares has gone down. We did raise the possibility of an m class flare yesterday and we did indeed see one again peak flux there right around 7 20 universal time there was a coronal mass ejection, it does not appear to be earth faces earth facing rather, and we didnt see any Relativistic particles showing up from that m class flare just a few hours ago, so perhaps some shall arrive here, although not at the moment. Lets look at the real time – solar, wind, next, no intensifications over the past few hours, a small uptick in the speed here. I would say we can expect a big uptick in the density signaling, the onset of the latest coronal hole high speed, wind stream. Current conditions are just over nine protons per cubic centimeter for the solar wind density, solar, wind, speed, 464 kilometers per second fairly nominal. There geomagnetism is calm at one for the kp index, a kp of one geomagnetic column, heres, the magnetohydrodynamic pressure model by the space weather modeling framework over the past four hours, its earths magnetic moment from space and were going to show you ground magnetic perturbations.

Next, no, no big changes here in earths magnetic moment from space lets just bring that forward to where it was thats. Four hours of data fairly unremarkable here and here are ground magnetic perturbations changes to earths b field at the surface level. The scale here is magnetic flux, density, nano tesla, not magneto, hydrodynamic pressure, and we can expect a big uptick in this when the coronal hole, wind stream arrives well, move that forward as well its fairly unremarkable, and let me just check on the stream briefly here. This video was originally streamed, live to twitch,, smash, mash and good morning to tinman 1057.. Thanks for leaving a comment. Next, a solar system forecast were going to advance this seven days, theres, where things are now heres, where things will be. On 12 12, a gibbous waxing as mercury swings around and weve also got a star chart for you here. This is in dash the dash, if youre wondering, if you want to make your own star, chart, weve got mars, and the sun and mercury in the southeastern sky here in pennsylvania, were located in lehigh valley. If youre wondering, if youre new to the channel, congratulations on realizing, we exist and lets take a look at lagrange point one as there was some coronal mass ejection associated with that m class flare. So there you can just see it peeking out here from behind the lasco c2 in the last frame there yesterdays coronal mass ejection still was still propagating at that point and maybe well make another video later today, when we have a little more data on that and Lets do a brief, cosmology segment.

Todays random number is 10, which is a gamma ray source, its the 10th entry at the neal gerald, swift, bat x, ray observatory, transients page its also an x ray source, and there you can see over the past 16 years and the past 30 days. Its pretty consistent, its a pretty weak x, ray source and youre not going to find much visual of this, its in a very busy part of space, thats, a gamma ray survey – and you wont find many spectral points to this. If you want to read more about it, just head to the neil gorilla, swift, bat x, ray observatory, click simbad and click the cds portal itll take you to this page again its a very busy portion of space. Here, let me just show you, the optical wavelengths. There you can see how many stars are in that area there on pan stars, but if you zoom in its quite dark at that location, again thats the quote random end quote: object a gamma ray source, two cg 121 plus zero four, and you can find articles Here as well, this one is uh linked from the cds portal. The last article linked here is from 2003 its this one titled high energy sources before integral reference. Catalog, so perhaps check that out. If you like again, you can find that its entry number 10 at the neil gerald, swift, bat x, ray observatory and heres. The total solar eclipse, which features the outer solar corona and what youre seeing here, is planes flying over the southern ocean to get imagery of the recent total solar eclipse apod. If you want to check it out yourself,, probably a more comfortable place to view the eclipse than on the continent of antarctica, although it is approaching summer time as the solstice grows nearer thats todays cosmology segment, congratulations on realizing the channel exists perhaps realize that the Playlists exist uh as weve got a playlist for cosmology segments. If youre wondering what cosmology is its the study of the origin and structure of the universe as a whole, next charging hazards and the electron flux and the ionosphere no charging hazards at the moment, heres the one year chart of the electron flux were just at nominal Levels here and we may be moving back into warning territory, getting close to the warning line here, which is 1 000 particles per negative square centimeter, and you can see the relativistic forecast here. We should be flirting with warning levels here: weve got pretty organized electron belts at the moment. Lets take a look at it visually speaking, heres your total electron content forecast, essentially the electrons of the inner van allen belt, and we like to show this because we like to tie the data to reality, and this will show you where gps errors are most likely To occur so were going to let it play through a second time here, no major anomalies, but we do see some over the north atlantic, the north american continent, most gps errors tend to occur around the equator at noon time.

Next, the ionosphere were going to show you the f layer, both in vibrational frequency and in anomaly grams, so heres, the vibrational frequency courtesy of australian government bureau meteorology and were certainly seeing some low frequency anomalies in the northern hemisphere there, as the solstice approaches and lets Check out the anomaly gram as well: heres the anomalogram departure in megahertz from the 30 day median and heres the latest image so thats, 13, 30 universal time on the ionogram, showing your vibrational frequency on megahertz. And here is the anomaly grain showing you anomaly in megahertz. From the 30 day median also at 13, 30. now its time for bonus, features, lets blast through them. Also dont forget to check our meteorology segments. If you havent checked those out theres a playlist for it and lets do it. So our first bonus feature here will be the el tiday ground based solar observatory located in el tiday. Spain. Again, i would expect sunspot 2903 to degrade its going to get a name today, but its also going to degrade this ones already degraded to an alpha class. Next, the nasa goes 16 suvi latest imagery and there is another coronal mass ejection propagating as we make the video check it out right down here. If i had to guess which i dont, i would expect it would miss the earth to the south. But its way too early to tell so well have to keep an eye on that and, when i say ion part on the pun, thats 304 angstroms, which is an ion a helium ion helium, which has been stripped of its electrons 304 angstroms from the go 16 Suvi next, the latest intensity gram and latest colorized magnetogram theres sunspot 2903, its degraded since we did show prep and thats how good the magnetic data is at forecasting that sunspot still alpha class likelihood of major flares has gone down with the degradation of these areas.

There are the fields it is still beta class. The umbre have shrunk thats alpha class unlikely to produce major flares heres 2903 in 171, angstroms looking pretty weak and heres.

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