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Gameplay and our first impressions of the latest games releasing hi folks, its Falcon and today were looking at high on life, the latest game from developer squanch games. The guys who made accounting plus and Trover saves the universe, while those were pretty short. Indie games that were mainly meant for VR high on life is a more ambitious game for the developer, its a full price single player, FPS action game with pretty much everything youd expect from the genre these days, uh its a pretty big step for squanch. But the question is: is it any good? Before I get into the games pros and cons, we got ta talk about the elephant in the room. It is a Justin Roiland game. If that name means anything to you uh, you should know what to expect theres a lot of rambling theres, sometimes totally incoherent characters theres over the top violence, vulgar humor gross out stuff and a lot of weird looking characters that are kind of half cute and half Creepy, if youve seen an episode of Ricky Morty, you pretty much know know what youre getting into now. To call this guys brand of humor divisive would be a massive understatement, a lot of people like it, but if characters muttering constantly and talking over each other. While saying stupid, things is like nails on a chalkboard to you: youre, probably gon na hate, the blast of dialogue that this game throws at you, thats kind of the gimmick of the game.

Uh, you got talking guns and you should really just know that if Justin rylans brand of humor isnt for you youre, probably not going to be happy because its a huge part of the game. In fact, I am a fan of Justin roilands brand of humor, and I have some criticisms that well get into later, but yeah. I I think, theres probably going to be a lot of people who start this game, thinking its something realize that its kind of an extension of Rick and Morty in some ways and turn it off almost immediately. But if you stick to it, theres a lot to like the story is as dumb as youd expect Earth gets invaded by aliens who want to use humans as drugs like they get high off of whatever this. However, you would classify the way they ingest humans, so you pick up this little blue guy called a gatlian and you start blasting, you and your questionable sister Escape Earth and team up with a washed up former Bounty Hunter and you start taking on jobs in blim City, the ultimate goal of taking on The Syndicate and saving Earth its basically, if the unreleased prey to the not Arcane one that never happened. If you combine that with odd World Strangers Wrath, you probably would have this game uh at least accounting for Justin Roiland. So taking on bounties earns you money which you can use to buy upgrades for your suit and guns and as the game progresses, you can unlock New Movement powers like a Dodge, a grappling hook, because every game needs a grappling hook now and Im not complaining about That theres, a jetpack too and a wall run, the constant flow of new enemies adds a lot to the game.

It first starts off kind of basic youre, basically just walking around in a place shooting the guys with the little pea shooter, but by the end of the game, youre flying around swapping guns on the Fly and going absolutely not on entire squads of enemies, and it Works you get a lot of movement powers in here which makes the exploration some of the best parts of the game actually, instead of being stuck to linear levels, each planet is kind of a semi open world uh, which you can explore and find treasure chests, Collectibles And warp crystals theres stuff hidden all over the place and you can easily spend half the game just wandering around looking for chests. If you want to and thats a big positive, because these environments are all really dense, detailed and fun to explore like this is a well designed game in terms of environments and part of what makes it fun is how much work they put into like. Even the most incidental details, theres hidden, gags and stupid little secrets all over the place and probably the best optional things are these little warp discs which you can buy using warp crystals. These can be used to teleport in a joke areas like a tiny City, you can smash for your own amusement or my own personal favorite, a movie theater, where you can literally watch an entire movie commented on by Mike rich and Jay from red letter media.

If youre a fan of those guys, this little bonus is practically worth the price of admission on its own and its pretty funny, even if the sound mixing could have been a little bit better. Sometimes it was hard to hear the commentary over the movie, but yeah. So the combat isnt, quite as strong theres, a lot of stuff to do every gun, has a primary and secondary fire and a few other tricks in between uh. You have a pretty effective melee attack. You can deflect projectiles like they put a lot of work into the mechanics of the shooting, but it just doesnt feel that impactful, like the shotgun Gus doesnt, have a lot of force behind it and when youve got a shotgun in an FPS, its supposed to be Pretty powerful and it feels weird that it doesnt feel that way even after you upgrade it, and the Damage goes way up. It never really manages to get the power. You really expect from a shotgun. Some of the other weapons are better, but a shotgun is uh. Like the easiest weapon to get right and they didnt so the enemies do a pretty good job of following around the battlefield, but overall theyre pretty dumb and not the most aggressive, like basically everything else about the game. It does get better. The further in you get, and you start taking on Heavies and snipers and little drones that boost enemies. All this stuff happening at once gives you an incentive to use all your abilities and once youre using abilities.

The cool factor of the battle goes up quite a bit. The whole game is about bounty hunting, so every level ends in a boss fight and to me these are definitely the highlights. None of them are too difficult on normal difficulty, but theyre pretty fun and they dont go on too long thats I mean again once we get into the humor aspect of the criticism. I think youll see why I value that you also usually get some kind of reward for them, so thats, also nice, uh, so Graphics, surprisingly impressive in this game. Some of the areas really look fantastic and theyre just filled with details, the character models, surprisingly good. Animations. Surprisingly, good its a little thing, but the way Gene blinks is really cool and the game is filled with just little things like that. Thats actually kind of my favorite part of the game just wandering around looking at all this amazingly detailed City, stuff, finding little jokes off the beaten path and taking everything in usually the semi hidden jokes seem to be the best ones. So keep that in mind as youre exploring the performance is relatively good. On Xbox series X frame rate was solid. I didnt really experience any bugs uh some voice lines cut out here and there, and sometimes the Collision detection on the platforming was a little wonky. When I try to do things that the game didnt completely want me to do, but no game breaking bugs or anything sound design, very good, too soundtracks mostly made up of Spacey synth tracks, and they can get a little repetitive Im, not gon na lie, but theyre Pretty good overall and you got some just absolutely fantastic names uh in terms of the voice cast aside from Justin roilin as the first gun Kenny JB Smoove is, in this game.

Tim Robinson, Kevin McDonald, from Kids in the Hall uh one criticism here: JB Smoove feels a little under utilized. He is so funny speaking of funny lets talk the main thing here. The reason why this game probably exists. The humor, like we talked a really large amount about the mechanics and the game stuff, because its all surprisingly good, if Im completely honest, this is clearly a Justin Roiland vehicle and the point of it is to have Justin Roiland, write a game and do Justin Roiland Stuff so the fact theres actually a pretty damn good game underneath that is its laudable now. That being said, for me, the humor is good but suffers from a key problem, so people riffing and having fun uh is great. In fact, some of the funniest lions are just where they left the voice actor laughing and kind of, let it feel like an improv session in some ways. But – and I want to stress this is not to say that the style of humor or even that the humor itself isnt good, because it is, but It suffers a little bit from not being restricted by a time limit like on TV or streaming services in high. On life, Justin Roiland is not required to edit himself and that results in a situation where I find myself laughing at something like it gets me going, and then it keeps going after Ive stopped laughing, and there are times that that works and gets me laughing again And then there are times that it doesnt, if were talking about a TV show that is attempting to get quickly through a narrative the times where that works, the stuff where they go.

I cant not put this in thats what goes into the shows in this game. Its just everything clearly everything went in, and I really want to stress that that doesnt mean the humor is bad. I actually love this style of humor, but it also definitely made me appreciate the process that Justin Roiland clearly has to go through when making an episode of a TV show, making this decisions as to what is really the strongest stuff to keep. In now the majority of it does work. I just want to say that some of the video game parody stuff is so funny like the tutorial helper stuff is so funny, especially when you go into detective mode like that whole thing is so I just could not stop laughing through that sequence. That was a point where it was clear the longer it went on the better it was, and that made perfect sense as a sequence. I also really enjoyed the parody forums you can find in the menu like its something like Barkley shut up and jam Gaiden like that kind of crap put into a big budget action game, and while I do definitely have the criticism of needing to edit, that doesnt Mean that this is just wall to wall jokes, there is a little more room to breathe in this game versus Trover saves the universe. Thats kind of the problem I had with Trover saves the universe as well, and I will say its less of a problem in this game.

The guns talk a lot but its not Non Stop and if you find them grading or get sick of it, theres an option to turn down the frequency of gun and enemy banter. Now there are intentionally annoying Parts in this game. These guys love to include a character that hovers in front of your face and is really really annoying Trover had it too. I think I would deem that more tolerable in this game and the Annoying Thing actually did get some laughs out of me. That said, if you dont enjoy the humor and somehow you make it to that point, youre gon na shut that game off youre gon na walk away and you might like punch a mirror or something I dont know the humor is its not forever Im, not gon Na pretend that the humors for everyone here I did find a lot of it very funny, but even as a fan of Justin Roiland, my criticism stand. I think it would have been better with just a little bit more restraint, so taking the humor out of the equation. It is a relatively complete experience, honestly, its not by size like the previous games. It takes about 10 hours minimum and, if youre deciding to find every collectible its going to take a lot longer, thats a pretty good length for a game of this nature. It doesnt get tedious. It doesnt overstay its welcome and the times that the humor got to be a little much for me.

Didnt just bring it to a screech and call it gets in and gets out, and you dont feel like youre shortchanged. This game really lives and dies on two things: the exploration and the humor, the combat isnt, quite as strong its not bad its a lot better during the boss fights, but I dont really think it can hang with the best of the genre I dont know if I would call it a problem, but its definitely the games weak point, otherwise, theres a lot to like about high on life, if youre into the humor youre, probably going to enjoy that element of it. The environmental design is Top Notch and the cast often elevates lines that normally just wouldnt work at all. It is an incredibly weird game and its hard not to apprec, appreciate it, because usually humor games, dont bother with solid gameplay and thats, often the biggest problem. With this type of game and thats, why I spent so much time on the mechanics like they really work, and I like that, like this isnt, just a platform for jokes, its a good game um, if youre not crazy about the humor, you might actually be able To have a lot of fun, because the game itself is actually very fun to play. Youre gon na have to turn uh the frequency of of dialogue way down, but I think its genuinely a very fun game. It does take a little while to get there.

You have to get a few more guns and movement abilities before it gets really interesting, but once you do, this is a lot of fun. If youre into games with weird worlds to explore and decent shooting thats, not too stressful, I would easily recommend high on life. If you absolutely hate Justin Roiland, you hate, Rick and Morty uh theres, I mean a huge hurdle to get over here, but if youre, indifferent or even like it, even if I would consider the amount of it and the editing of of it infrequent youre gon na Get something out of this game if youre on the fence, there is absolutely no reason not to try this one out on Game Pass its free on there and youll, probably figure out pretty quickly. If you can handle it, it might take a little bit longer to get into the good mechanics to the game, but youll know if you want to pretty quick Music Ill admit it. This is good. This is good, but thats what we got out of this game. What do you think leave us a comment? Let us know if you like this video click like if youre not subscribed, nows a great time to do so. We upload brand new videos every day of the week. Best way to see them. First is the course of subscription, so click subscribe, dont forget to enable notifications and, as always, thank you very much for watching this video Im Falcon.

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