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These hilarious, talking guns that make even the most menial of tasks entertain. So this is blimp City, not not bad huh. I dont know how were gon na find Jean theres. All kinds of aliens out here lets just lets just ask: he is famous, the game pulls a lot into its writing and comedy, but does the actual game pirate hold up? If you like Justin, roilands, unique brand of Comedy, then you will probably love high on life. As its in overdrive here, the inter dimensional cable shows characters that hurl constant abuse at you and some extremely dark humor run rampant throughout the game, and I was laughing constantly. I was kept on my towels with some completely out of the blue encounters. At one point. I was minding my own business until a group of construction workers started shouting at me, so I would typically walk away, but instead I shot them up. Amazon, Kenny, wasnt afraid to judge me for doing so. Well, great, you killed all the weird construction guys you know were free to move along now like we were before we killed them. On top of that, there are plenty of four wall breaks or references to other games. That kept me entertained. Of course, you are all Nintendo fans, so even Mario gets a mention. Okay, you know what it looks like some simple platforming you know like, but youd see in like Luckys tails on uh, you know or um.

You know that one uh that one game that we that we all know and love, Mario Land or whatever I could stay here all day, telling you about these little things I experienced, but its best left for you to discover. The point is, is that there was so much care poured into these little interactions that you could completely Miss if you ran through the game not talking to random NPCs or hanging around to listen to different conversations. Conversely, if youre not a fan of the comedy in Rick and Morty, then you might find this game to be unbearable, such as hell your goals, which are sentient beings or chatterboxes, with each having a completely unique personality. Kenny is the most normal. If you can call him that and is actually opposed to volumes in most cases, whereas noifi is a psychopathic knife that only wants to stop people, he basically only talks about why I think, to kill people in very disturbing ways. You Im gon na carve out your anal cavity. Oh, they always have plenty to say whether in combat or interacting, with NPCs theres, even a ton of hidden dialogue, which I I specially appreciated, such as how you may not only miss out on dialogue when you simply just walk away from an NPC, but also help The guns react to whats going on around it even changes based on which gun you have equipped. So you could listen to the same conversation with a different weapon and get a completely different experience.

I thought that the guns constantly drowning arm would eventually lose their lobster, but after 10 hours I was never annoyed by their conversations, but this may not be the case for everyone. However, if it does annoy you, there is an option to change how frequently they speak, which is always nice to see. Foreign life is a first person shooter with some Light, metroidvania Elements sprinkled in for good measure. The combat starts by using that isnt too, engaging at first, especially in the opening hour, where the enemy variety and AI arent great, but it gradually picked up with each new weapon. I unlocked – and I was reminded a bit of Ratchet and Clank, where the main focus of the game is inventive and phone weapons, because theyre simply Bonkers with a shocko and the soaks enemies in, and also shoots disc blades, that I get the flag back towards enemies With my knife and then even the standard pistol also has a glob shot that launches enemies into the air. It was swapping from weapon to weapon glob shotting warm to throw them into the air. Then changes to the shotgun into sub domain and Destroy them that just felt so good theres a nice sense of momentum with it all. As you unlock jet packs knee slides and a grappling hook, it doesnt feel, as were fine with some of the best kinetic first person shooters, but its certainly no slouch either outside the combat.

The bulk of your time will be spent exploring a handful of large levels, but, as with combat, it starts slow but gets more interesting. As you increase your hours like using the knifes grappling hook to zip up into the air or using ghosts blades to attach to a wall, so we can find the chest. I had a blast using these abilities to explore and find hidden, chests or encountering foreign optional conversations. While there are some metroidvania elements like backtracking, the previous areas, with new abilities to find chests the levels, arent interconnected and exploration, isnt as important as it is in games in the metroidvania genre, theres, also a simple upgrade system behind all of this, as you take out, The leaders of G3 and find chests you earn pesos, which can be used to buy upgrades such as improved jetpack duration or held While others are mods that change weapons up. I equipped Kenny with a globshot mod that made bullets ricochet off Airborne targets. I dont have anything negative to say about this system. It served its purpose, but in sticking with a Ratchet and Clank voice I would have loved to see my weapons level up as I used at the end of the day, I was going into high on life. Looking for something unique and it delivered on that wonderfully, the writing was funny and engaging, and I loved how wacky and weird everything was. I wasnt expecting much from the gameplay as I was here more for the humor, but I was genuinely surprised at how expressive the combat system was and how nice movement felt in general.

When exploring the levels. Look, the writing wont be for everyone and if you dont like it, then this game probably wont be for you. The characters, chat back and forth constantly and theres no way of escaping it. If its, not your cup of tea, but for those who are fans of Justin, roilands, unique brand of Comedy, like myself, then youre in for a hilarious Adventure, thats backed up by a fun gameplay experience too and thats. Why I liked it a lot there? We have a review for hoion Life.

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Xbox One, Squanch Games High on Life – Before You Buy

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