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This was the star, the three wise men or Maggi, followed to take them to baby Jesus. But what was this Christmas star? What are Nova? Was it a planet? Was it Superman? Okay, okay, wait for it. Sadly, we dont really know – and this is probably why Christmas decorations hit the stores as early as August every bloody year, but in all seriousness, the reason why we dont know what the Christmas star was is that there is a big debate between theological and historical descriptions. As a western civilization, we celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas and we place the birth at year zero. So the three Magi observed the star, something that attracted their attention in the sky. It was just there in the sky, maybe there in the sky hanging from the sky. This is how it was described and they saw it at the East and then they followed it to take them to baby Jesus as astronomers and scientists. We want to find out and match the theological with the historical and astronomical facts. This is where the confusion comes in, based on historical and astronomical facts. Historians place the birth of Jesus between five to four or three to two PC, so its not at zero, and they also place it at Springtime because Shepherds used to take their sip out during spring or even during summer. So its still a very big debate, but lets go through the scenarios to narrow it down.

What can it actually be? One very popular explanation is that it is a comment and in particular Comet hey. The Chinese observed Comet Haley in 12 BC and they have a very good description of it, which will later match with observations of Haley in the 18th century, but this does not match the date of nativity. Nor any other comment around that date matches the date of nativity. What about the supernova or another hypernova, meaning an exploding star at the end of its life all records, so there was no start exploding at the time of nativity. The Chinese had very good records of astronomical phenomena and they would have mentioned something like that. Also with modern technology. We have looked for Supernova remnants from that era, but we havent found anything the only Supernova viewed what much later in 108, aiding way after the birth of Jesus and of course it does not match the time of nativity. So the Christmas star is probably not the supernova, but what about the planet or a planet conjunction where planets appear together in the sky right? They are not together. Physically, they just appear together in the sky. There are many scenarios implicating Venus or Mars, or Planet conjunctions like Jupiter, Mars and Saturn or conjunctions, with a star like regulus and with Venus Mars and Jupiter. There was a conjunction around four to three BC or three to two, but not at zero. The thing is that the three Magi were scientists: they were studying the sky.

Okay, they were studying the movements of celestial bodies in the sky. They would have known about conjunctions between planets and stars, so they would have not been surprised and of course they would not leave the comfort of their house okay to chase the star come on, but lets assume they did follow Venus leaving Jerusalem at one BC. They would have traveled the modern world, but they would now treats with him and a bit of Science Fiction. But if they had that car okay, what if they had a car, they would have traveled around and around and around and around and around and around the globe, to reach the North Pole on December 25th. What an interesting date! Another fact! We said that the Magi were looking for something a taste but maybe were Lost in Translation. Maybe they were not looking for something in the East, but for something Rising. Okay, because in Greek East means Rising like West Mains setting. Okay, maybe they were looking for something that was rising from the west and Venus would have been a very good candidate for that, but probably not another possibility. Another scenario is Jupiter, because Jupiter is known to do the following: it goes through the sky and then it stops and it goes backwards. We call it Jupiter retrograde, and this was actually observed and to be seen, but this is two years before the birth of Jesus and around the 25th of December interesting.

You know a fun fact. We actually celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December, because emperor Constantine moved Christmas holiday okay, so it coincides with the shortest day of the year in the north hemisphere. He did that in the year 336 A.D so probably its, not a planet. So what is the reason for the season? The reason for this season is the winter solstice. What is that glad you asked it has to do with the rotation of the Earth around its axis. Okay, the Earth rotates around its axis, as it goes around the Sun. Okay, but this rotation has a teeth. The axis of the earth is a bit tilted in relation to the plane where the Earth rotates around the Sun, and this tilt is 23.5 degrees, and this is why we have seasons. Okay, we have two equinoxes and two solstices in the northern hemisphere. We have the shortest day and winter in December and in the southern hemisphere we have the longest day and summer in December, and in June, is the opposite. We have the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest day in the southern hemisphere. But what about our presence? We dont know exactly what the Christmas star was. We celebrate Christmas and we do like our presents yeah. So what what the deal are we not getting presents, because some dates are not matching. Well it we will celebrate Christmas and get our presents and actually around Europe.

Kids have already been getting their presents from the 6th of December on Nicholas Day in Greece.

What do you think?

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