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This is going to be the last ask arun of 2021 that is going to be Music, yes and january is coming im looking forward to 2022.. I just hope you omicron yeah and uh. Please please we just want to finish this, but i am one thing confident that i am confident, but it is going to go off and it will be something like a flu or something i am very, very excited, but you subject: what is the minimum battery percentage Till we should use our phone about 10 15 percent. I think thats percentage and bikes available on amazon, so that is not going to happen. Uh. Please continue the series of top 10 apps okay, my challenge of missile isnt done yet uh announced it in 200. Episodes. Sorry, foreign, Music, hello, sir. I have two questions. Please speak what will be the expected price of xiaomi 11i series. Redmi note 11 series. What will be the expected launch time? Redmi note redmi note 11 series without a Music a happy new year, happy christmas, all tracking tech, family, oneplus, 10, pro kidney price pro foreign. My question is, which is the best foldable smartphone, samsung, g42 or oppo, find an or mix four three mix. Vault read me mix forty two minutes quality without using phone like we know, performance of a processor performance processor photo quality, depends on software post processing and absolutely we are going to bring you dragon textile unboxings. Congratulations for 10.

5 crore subscribers, oh my god. One 1.05 um! Definitely, Music far more than that far more wait for it. Wait for it wait for it. I am excited about it. I know you are also, but i am excited about it. 33 watts. 65. 100 worth 120 watt, 125 mobile batteries, whats up testing smartphone brand. So i dont think it should be much of a problem looking at 150, 200 Music, a very, very happy new year. I hope you had a great weekend and i hope you had a great christmas.

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