Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Discounts and allowances πŸ˜ƒ Changes Planned for Restock Limits January 2022! Amazon FBA

The restocks limits will be much better for sellers. That means that it will be much easier to manage your inventory, the logistics and supply chain, and instead of really going back and forth between three pls, you could send your inventory directly to amazon and that will save you a lot of headaches and work, and in This video ill share with you, the thresholds, some details from my account and what you should expect in 2022 lets start welcome to another video guys. My name is tomer for those of you that are here for the first time and we talk on this channel everything about amazon, fba, walmart and other marketplaces im, a seven figure seller and everything that i share with you here is completely free. So please support my hard work by liking. The video comment with any questions, suggestions or just say thank you and all resources and links that im going to mention in this video will be down below in the description section together with some affiliate links, so feel free to support the channel by clicking on them And lets start with a video Applause, okay, guys so im. I dont know if you noticed, but i got the new office here, its an office that i made on the backyard i might uh. If youre interested to of me doing like uh, you know showing you how it looks from the outside. Just what i have here. I have uh some weights here at the sofa that i can rest.

I have a fridge, a computer system, an ac, so its really kind of uh. You know i still work from home, but you know enjoy the benefits of home, but not working at home kind of uh, you know, have less distractions. I have two girls and my wife so its kind of hard doing it and we also tested positive for kovid, so its kind of hard uh. So you know it within three months, so this is crazy on whats, going on uh but were still were healthy thanks. God and things are going well, uh wishing everyone happy holidays lets start with the topic that we uh. You know uh dis discussing on today. For me, the restock limits, didnt, really uh or wasnt – really a big deal lately uh, maybe a few months ago. Yes, i think around august july my restock limits was zero, so i had to ship everything to three pl um or to my warehouse and and only around. I think uh end of october november started to really uh be much better, so um, let me share with you my inventory limits now. So if you go to manage fba shipments at the bottom, you should have the restock limits here. So, as you can see, my total amount of items or units that i can ship is 70 000 and im allowed to ship now. 28 000 means that im utilizing 42 000 and i can ship 28 more now, um thats really good, because i can ship directly to amazon and avoid um, you know being out of stock like, for example, and now im out of stock for a lot of items.

Some of them im about to be out of stock and thats, really its not really a ideal situation uh. I know that a lot of you guys, having like similar issues and thats, really good news for sellers, that amazon were able to really uh, build their infrastructure work on their systems, and i think and foresee that starting 2022 things would be much much better. They are like kind of adjusted to the new situation in the world. They have new rules. Uh now pfizer announced that they have pill to fight. If you get covered and you have symptoms, you can take this pill and it could help you recover or not. Being hospitalized or being sick, so thats really good news and if that going to work well i see that a lot of the issues that we have in the world with supply chain and uh. You know conferences, traveling will mitigate and be much better than uh, 2021 and 2020.. So um, you know its really good news. Let me show you the email that we got from amazon and thats uh. Actually, that was on the seller forums. I heard about it. First from sharon, evans or credit to her, she pinned me one of her posts on facebook, but lets see what it says so important changes planned for restock limits and ipi threshold. So as we near the end of 2021, wed like to thank you for all the hard work youve done to make this year a success and share some positive updates about fba, restock and storage limits in the midst of global pandemic supply chain challenges, labor shortages and Inflation, you have uh uh preserved.

Thank you for the determination, through these tough times and your commitment to your customers, employees and local communities, sellers like you, most of whom are small and medium sized business, accounted for over half of the sales from black friday through cyber monday to further enable your success. Weve been working to increase our hiring and expand our fulfillment network. These investments allowed for it. Like i said i didnt read that, but that was what i thought that they really made a lot of investments, infrastructures, increased their capabilities and hired more people. These investments allowed for an overall increase in the amount of product you could send in during the holiday season. I dont know if you saw it, but for those that live in the us i saw that actually, like a lot of the items that i would order. They will let out like same day, delivery like kind of default, so that was really huge and amazing um, and that shows you how like robust their system and their fulfillment network and uh in recent weeks, weve been able to further increase the restock limits for many Sellers and intend to do the same for many more sellers early next year, thats, something that i saw in my account, and i hope you saw it too. But if not then wait because theyre gon na do it for you as well. Very soon in january were also excited to share that effective january 1. 2022 will reduce the inventory performance index ipi threshold for fba storage limits to 400.

With this ipi change, less than 10 of sellers will have storage volume limits, as we continue to launch new solutions to help your business were excited for you to try some new and improved tools that can help you add new selection to fba, maintain sufficient inventory levels. So they just give the fba new selection. There is stock, inventory page and some other tools that are not new, so this is really great news and i hope that you already start to see the risk of limits on your account. Please let me know in the comment section if this is something that you see and even if not it will help us really understand whats going on with other sellers as well. So hopefully, you can ship now directly to amazon and save a lot of costs with logistics and by the way, join our facebook group, because we talk a lot of things related to logistics, starting like a week from now, it will cost you 10 to join the Group and im not doing this to be rich or something im doing this, because i want only committed people, people that work hard and understand that success is not free, and this will be a kind of you paying to show how serious and how bad you want. It its only ten dollars like two cup of coffee and it will really uh help us create a community that help each other another thing: if you need logistics and freight services, we do offer that contact me.

We have really competitive pricing and amazing service, and the only difference between on us to others is that im, a seller. I can give you my strategies that work for me as a seven figure seller, that we use and thats something that other freight forwarders might not give you uh as a service, so lets uh have a good year, happy holidays again. I wish you really full year of success in uh becoming and reaching all of your goals. Now, please, my friends. Do me a favor and share this video with other people that might benefit from this video. It will help me grow the channel and i will really appreciate it and ill see you in the next video.

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