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Video recap today is friday december 31st, happy new years eve, everybody. I got a lot to discuss um. We had a lot more google search tremors this week earlier in the week, and even yesterday, maybe today we know that the december 2021 was probably the most volatile google search, ranking fluctuation period of all time. According to some data, sex toy companies cant really rank for g rated terms in google search unless they pay for it, and you know a lot of new years stuff to talk about plus a lot more and id like to thank their sponsor. Duda. The website building platform ranked number one in googles. Recent core rev vitals report is theyre also offering a 15 off their annual plans with a special promo code. You could access the promo code by clicking on this qr code, not really clicking, but taking a picture of it and going to it or clicking on the link in the show description to get to it. Thank you so much duda for sponsoring really really really appreciate it: Music, okay, so first up um on december 27th, 28th, potentially december 20th as well. Yesterday we were so, we saw and continue to see, ranking fluctuations in google search now, theres, no way, absolutely no way that somebody at google search is pushing out um changes to the algorithm or any updates to the algorithm this week. Its just not happening whats happening is probably general machine. Learning changes, ai changes that happen by itself search are intense, changing this week versus the previous weeks, so definitely change.

New sites are coming in old sites are going out so that stuff is happening, but there is and has been significant chatter this week about changes in the search results, plus the tools are actually showing and spiking on the 27th and 28th and even on yesterday. Maybe even today, december 30th on december 31st. So if you are seeing changes, youre, not alone, i dont think theres. Anything to think specific. Google did outside of maybe just natural way of googles, changing to morty overseas from submerged posted data. Basically saying that december 2021 um was probably the most volatile year or month of the year of 2020 of 2021, so december was by far the most most much amount of fluctuations measured by their tool over the course of how many days were hot. I guess over those months over that month and it was way more than previous months um, which is interesting, and we also know that semrush said that the year of 2021 was more volatile than the previous years that they started tracking all this stuff years and years Ago so again, things are changing, often with google. It seems googles, getting much faster and changing things. So if you notice changes this year, a lot youre, not crazy um and if you notice a lot more changes in december with only the product reviews update rolling out december first through those three weeks. The first three weeks of december, with nothing really else, confirmed youre, not crazy.

Google definitely has a lot of tremors this past month. Now alan bellwise asked john mueller. Do you keep some type of log book um what we would call a guest change log of all the algorithm and changes that we went live and john mueller said? Of course, yeah google does but theyre not stored in some cool. What goo allen calls googles book of secrets its basically probably stored in some type of change? Log internal – you know maybe git repository requests and so forth. Google actually used to publish – and i linked to it in this post, which i wrote about on december 27th. Google actually used to link to or post a change log of what they changed in search. It really was nothing that uri could use. For the most part, it was kind of gibberish, but if you want to take a look at that, definitely go to the post and click on it, but john mueller basically said yes, we do track these changes and we keep them in some type of log, but Even for google to use that change log internally to say why did this specific url drop on this date, its hard for google to like backtrack and say this algorithm, influenced that specific url? So definitely keep that in mind a very interesting and good question. Alan john mueller said yes, most search, algorithms work across all languages, but not all. We gave some examples like mom uh rolled out, and it was just english initially uh bert also launched that with uh with english.

Only then like a several months later expanded to. I think 70 plus different languages. I think when panda first rolled out it was only english and then it eventually went to other languages. I know product reviews update uh april and also december um, supposedly english. Only so there are cases of googles search, algorithms. Only working with specific individual languages but john mueller basically said most of these search, algorithms across all languages, if not today in the future, but some of them are specific to only individual languages. With that, john mueller said that he does believe that the google product reviews update will impact languages above and beyond english. He actually thought that maybe it did today that the december one that rolled out affected not just english but googles communication around that in the tweet. Basically said december, the december 1 product reviews update is only for english languages, so maybe googles confused, i dont know, but eventually the product reviews update will affect other languages outside of english. So keep that in mind. That will happen at some point. We dont know when, but it will happen at some point on the local side. Google, business profiles, formerly google. My business now is testing a feature. Some people actually see it. Some people dont uh to mark products as being special, so you can click mark a special for a product and that would actually go ahead and place that product at the top of your products in the google local panel for your search in google search for your Business as well as in google maps for your business, if you have products showing up there, so keep that in mind its a way to promote things to the top.

This was interesting googles. John mueller was asked back to back week to week or video to video on a hangout. Why does adam and eve in the french version not rank for its own name in google search um and the truth? Is it doesnt even rank adam and eve um in core search uh in not just french results and english results, adam and eve is spelled differently in french, so its even more specific, but in that event the same goes with jack and jill. Why are these g rated terms that sex companies adopted and adam and eve, i think, is like 50 plus years old uh that sex toy companies actually adopted not ranking in organic search, somebodys searching for adam eve? Maybe they want to find this ex toy company? Now john mueller said he spoke to the safe search team, which is the adults filter in google side and basically said that theyre not changing it. We think that maybe somebody might search for adam and eve and not want the sex stuff. Now, if you search for adam and eve sex toys, search for adam and eve brand search for adam and eves toys, you will find that specific sex toy company. So you have to add qualifiers. But if you just search for adam and eve or jack and jill, you will not find it now, unless this is the big point that im making with the article is unless youre looking at the ads and the ads are usually placed well above the organic free Results so googles rationale that they dont want to show um adult related content to searchers.

Maybe children, even for those terms, only applies to organic results, not to the ads. Now the kids who are searching for adam and eves story from the biblical story or jack and jill poems or whatever and searching for jack and jill or adam and eve theyre, probably looking at the ads first, which will again lead directly to the sex toys. So basically, my title was: google search, wont rank sex toy companies for g rated brand names, but google ads will for the money again theres a distinction. Google search and google ads are completely separate on the most part, but this distinction doesnt make any sense to me. Googles john mueller said the google search console link report is something that is not a priority for google and it shouldnt be a priority for you either john mueller said links should not be a priority. That youre, too, obsessed with google search, console, also released this weird test. They shouldnt have released, whereas basically had three levels of announcements showing us announcement bar at the top of the search results heres. What they look like these three bars. One was an informational announcement in blue. One was a yellow, minor issue announcement in yellow and the final one was a major issue. Announcement in red john mueller said it was an internal thing. They should not have released it um, maybe theyll release in the future, but its not going live today. Pretty cool to see john mueller also said that theres, no s difference in terms of seo value to linking to having attribute links versus like a no follow versus a rel ugc versus a rel sponsor reload follow theyre all the same in terms of seo value.

They communicate slightly different things to google search, but in terms of passing link juice or any seo value they may pass from that link. Theyre. All the same. In terms of that john mueller said, google ads has a serving issue specifically with gmail, desktop browser based ads that happened before christmas and its still going on at the time that i recorded this video so its been going on for about a week. Um google ads also has is testing a way to exclude placements um, with smart shopping campaigns. It doesnt seem to work its weird because its there and theres another way to do it as well, but it does not seem to actually work. This was spotted by um, edward experience and if you tried it according to me and other people, it basically just doesnt work its an interface, but it doesnt actually work trying to get more information from google on that. Google ads started rolling out the asset library, which is part of the creative studio directly in google, ads console um. This started a few weeks ago and it seems to be rolling out to more and more people. So if you see a asset library um its, what google is rolling out in the google ads console – and this is interesting – theres – a violation – thats – not new – this is not a new thing, but a google ads violation for past violations, its not a violation, its actually A status saying this ad status for this ad has a past violation and because of that, google said, since it was previously in violation of an ad policy, we are going to limit the amount of time that ads being shown, because we think that maybe you didnt Realize that we re enabled – or we changed the policy to allow your ads now, if we go ahead and just allow them, it might deplete your budget too fast, so were labeling this ad as past violations, so that we dont serve it too much.

You can go in there and make take the necessary steps, theres several steps to take to go ahead and serve that ad full force after you get that notice. So keep that in mind its pretty cool. I havent seen that before, but its been around for a while. Supposedly i did a poll this week asking folks. Did you work over the holiday christmas holiday? We had about 500 plus results. Now 47 said they did not work at all. The rest said they worked. A little bit or a lot keep in mind. Those who saw the tweet were probably working. Those who did not see the tweet were probably not working, so i suspect a lot more than 50 of seos did not actually work at all over the holiday break. But who knows its a small sample poll that doesnt really its not really scientific, so keep that in mind john mueller, again year after year, i think 14 plus years and counting has um provided support. As we said over the holiday weekend, um every year over the christmas holiday weekend, christmas eve and christmas day, also even new years – well see you probably again, this new years eve new years day, uh john mueller provided support, and this year he actually did a whole Hour plus long, google, video webmaster, hangout video, helping people plus answering a bunch of tweets and so forth, and also reddit threads, so cool to see john do that on the holidays.

I know a lot of people are stressed in the holidays, especially if theyre having ranking issues so its great to see john mueller actually do that also bing had a little uh santa hat, a little easter egg for christmas. If you do a search and bing and videos come up, the play button actually has a little hat santa hat icon on it, which moves um. Google search has launched their new years confetti again this year, um also the new years eve doodle is live as well. The confetti actually has an easter egg. You click on it actually well explode confetti, which is cute um, and finally, this year i actually in addition to my 18 year anniversary post, which i did back in december. Second, or so i decided it would be cool to do analysis of who, in the search community, i cited the most uh. So what i did was, i did a query across the whole past year of 2021 and looked at um twitter handles that i included in my blog post over the course of past year, so i did around 2000 blog posts in those blog posts about 1350. 1. 350 distinct usernames of twitter were used, so i sourced and cited over 300 different people in the search community over the past year. In my articles, um, of course john mueller by far was the most. He was the number one with 583 times then glenn gabe, danny sullivan uh, google search central brodie, brody, clarks, search liaison uh, gary method, username, google, ads morty, oberstein, ads liaison um, sad joy, joy and hawkins lily ray jenny, marvin, google, marie haynes, daniel weisberg, martin split And a bunch of others, so thank you so much to the search community without you, i wouldnt have probably close to 300 plus articles to write this year.

Vast majority of my articles are always sourcing people in the industry. The purpose behind the surgeon roundtable is to um, basically cover the buzz that the search community you folks are talking about, and without. This is pure evidence that this is what its all about. So thank you so much. Everyone have a very safe, healthy, successful, happy 2022 and see you in january 2022.

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